Author / Sandhya Hariharan

Eggless WholeWheat Apple Cinnamon Muffin

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This is my first happy baking muffin ..Normally there is a little guilt while doing the muffin .. Its for the ingredients.. of butter ,eggs n soo on.. I have been really excited this time about the end results and the making. Now that we know wot goes in the making of our regular yummy muffins . Any healthy change gives us total satisfaction.. I have been wanting to do an eggless version of muffins.. so that I cud treat my parents n inlaws with them next time.. when I travel to India… Then I thought.. why not do a Whole wheat version…. A little more healthy.. lets give it some flavour.. Hmmm… How about Apple n Cinnamon… Gave this muffin a total twist with a flavour… I just loved it…
Do try it and enjoy my healthy Muffin.. and let me know ur view on it 🙂

Tried n Tasted – Pound Cake & Choco Biscuits

 Love the color , Love the simplicity of its taste , Love it for the way it is !  The Pound Cake.
2 weeks ago , we were invited to a friends place for a dinner to celebrate their newest arrival’s 3rd month Birthday… Until the kids turn 1 , we just cherish every moment and love to celebrate any milestone.
So decided to make this special ones birthday a little more spl with a Pound Cake and some  Condensed Milk Cookies.
They loved it … Infact half was over in a day at home & rest of it , the baby’s mother finished it the next day. 🙂 She anyways doesnt have to worry about calories and fat  ,coz she is still feeding .

Gajar ka Halwa – Indian Carrot Pudding


Talk of an Indian Dessert, something that pops in our mind is Gajar Ka Halwa. This is such a wonderful sweet , irrespective of diversity in Indian Culture ,it is quite  popular and commonly prepared in every household all over on festivals. I chose to prepare this dessert for this Diwali .
This sweet could be prepared in a variety of ways – the traditional way of cooking for long hours , Microwave Method ,With Condensed Milk , Pressure cook method and so on.
I present to you more or less a traditional way of preparing this Indian Carrot Pudding from my Diwali feast.