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Spicy Potato Wedges Wrap #WrapinLove #Pinktober

Preparation of Spicy Potato Wedges Wrap (4 of 4)

 Its Pink !! Its October ! Yes We are in Pinktober.

Its a Breast Cancer Awareness month all over the world. UK Cancer Society uses this period to raise awareness of the diseases and raise funds for research into its cause, prevention and cure.  This is the month, where the community wear Pinks, float the signature pink ribbons, hosts a pink parade since it was first introduced back in 1991.

Refried Beans, Peppers and Cheese Toastie

refriedbeans toastie (4 of 11)  The ordinary toasted sandwich gets a makeover with the delectable Mexican combo of Refried Beans,Peppers and Cheese in about 30 Minutes.

Toasties have been a treaty snack at home , ever since I have known. When the weather gets a bit gloomy, a bit chilli or may b rainy, Amma ( as I fondly call my mum) would make us Potato Masala Toastie or  Paneer Toastie or Sugar Toastie and what not for a wholesome evening appetiser.

Bread Upma

Bread Upma

A decade ago , when we were newly married and were learning to be independent ,every new task , new chore , new routine , new guests used to be a challenge. Managing work and home together was a hooligan task. Waking up early in the morning at 6 am to let the doors open for the maid was soo hard.. that I would let her in and go back to bed, believing she would be truthful and do a fair job.  I was lucky, she was !!! But I was 22 when I got into this beautiful bonding….

Peanut Sundal – A Navratri Oblation Recipe

Sundal is one protien packed legume dish that is offered to Goddess as Neivedyam during the festival of Navratri in the south of India. Sundals can be prepared with an legumes and light tempering but with no traces of onion or garlic, specially because its an oblation. On other days , other occasions add some chopped shallots for a twist.
This Navrathri, on the second day today , I have prepared Peanut Sundal as prasadam (offering ). This post of mine today is soo much impromptu. While making this protien packed snack, I realised there are barely any recipes pertaining to Navrathri in my space , though I have been celebrating for years.