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Potato and Peas Samosa #AirfryerTakeIn


Imagine dunking the hot crispy flaky Potato and Peas Samosa in Coriander Chutney and Red Chutney. And when it’s healthy and made in Airfryer !! Absolutely Guiltfree isn’t it !! Just ditch your takeaway for the day and make them at home. Isn’t it exciting!!

Spiralized Beetroot Kosambari

Spiralized Beetroot Kosambari

Something light, something filling and something healthy is what I desired for lunch today. Spiralized Beetroot Kosambari , just as I like with Beetroot, with a hint of lemon juice, soaked pulses and desired seasoning made up for it.

Masala Crispbread with Coriander Chutney #MyVita – A no cook recipe

Masala Crispbread

Masala Crispbread is an easy and instant appetiser that can be enjoyed before a meal or even as a quick snack. Crispbread is topped up with a salad mix of chopped cucumber,tomatoes, onions,coriander leaves with a good fat pinch of Spiced Powders.

Most Indian Restaurants out here in the UK, would serve a stack of Papads along with a variety of chutneys. These chutneys are often considered as an exotic  side and appeal quite difficult to make.It is normally Coriander chutney, Red Chutney and Mango Relish.  If the color of the chutney is light green and very mildly spiced then they are mixed with yogurt. Some of the local joints serve an Onion Relish too. Every restaurant has their signature chutneys to give the guests a pleasant welcome in their every visit.

Honey Glazed Carrots & Review for OXO Lily Mills

Make Honey Glazed Carrots for Easter Sunday. The easter bunnies shouldn’t be the only ones to enjoy Carrots on this special occasion.

baby carrots

Sigh!!! A weekend it was.. My blogging is slowly taking a steep turn, where passion is turning into part time profession. I was lucky to be a part of a TV ad commercial, supporting them in food styling campaign.

And Sunday was altogether a new experience yet again. I worked in collaboration with two established chef’s who are working on their catering website. More to come soon on this when their website is up. But I had to mention this here.. as they came up with the freshest of the produce I have ever seen. Curiousity in me didnt end here that I kept asking them where did they pick the ingredients and how would they use them and what not! Not sure if they found my Q’s like a pest.. but they were happily gasping away illustrating how they handpicked every bit.