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Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is an adaptation of Red Velvet Cake sans Color with full on flavors, textures and excitement.

A Week from now and we have a very special weekend !! My boys -Father Son Duo celebrate their birthday together and this makes it a bash weekend always. The day after their birthday is Valentine’s Day where you see a lot of Red pops, roses, chocolates, special presents commercialised just for that one Day. We have always felt, Valentine’s day is a day to cherish with the near ones you hold dear. What counts is how you cherish the little things every day and how much you value them.

Honey and Vanilla Cake #foodphotography #newpost #onblognow

Honey and Vanilla Cake

Ever since I have completed 30 Day’s to better food photography course, I have learn’t to stare, gaze and study the images online. Trying to understand why that wonderful image has been staged like that ?Is the feel rustic or fresh or white or colourful ? Why the Napkin has been twirled and twisted and not just neat ? Is the photographer trying to convey a casual feeling or a fine dining or just for fun or what else?

Baking | Orange Marmalade Cake

“The name Marmalade comes from the Portuguese word Marmelos, a quince paste that’s similar in texture to the orange spread”


This cake is sure to make the Paddington Bears happy.. Why just the Bears? Are the bears the only ones who like Marmalade ?? All the kids and families who had it last evening at our pre Diwali celebration enjoyed it too!!!!
Last week, this yumm orange marmalade from Roberstons was sent to me and I was challenged too.. to see how can I exercise its flavors out the best.