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Tried n Tasted – Pound Cake & Choco Biscuits

 Love the color , Love the simplicity of its taste , Love it for the way it is !  The Pound Cake.
2 weeks ago , we were invited to a friends place for a dinner to celebrate their newest arrival’s 3rd month Birthday… Until the kids turn 1 , we just cherish every moment and love to celebrate any milestone.
So decided to make this special ones birthday a little more spl with a Pound Cake and some  Condensed Milk Cookies.
They loved it … Infact half was over in a day at home & rest of it , the baby’s mother finished it the next day. 🙂 She anyways doesnt have to worry about calories and fat  ,coz she is still feeding .

Swirly Chocolate Walnut Cake

Hi All….

Thank you for all your recovery wishes & loads of comforting messages .I am perfectly fine now & back with my Bake a Cake post.
This is my first hand at Baking a Cake and wow… woow… I m totally satisfied..
Coz its quite easy …and I got the perfect texture I was looking for..

Well coming to Making .. Referred to Divya’s Zebra Cake  & Pound Cake’s Recipe from google & combined both of them and gave it my version.

I didnt have a Circular tin , so went on my preparation with a square tin.My 19 months old lil one just loved it.. He ate a slice of it.. though hot.. and said.. Mmmm Mmmm . He had couple of bites of it. That gave me my best satisfaction. My H felt hungry early this morning when he saw the cake .. and had them at 6 in the morning 🙂 Wot more could you expect…..out of your experiment being successful ???