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Alcohol Free Mulled Wine

Cranberry, Apple and Orange Juice is simmered in Mulled Spices, making a perfect alternative to Mulled Wine.

Alcohol free mulled wine

Its a week now since Flu has partially caught me leading into a non-stop cough!! I really mean it non-stop.  Barely can I run a conversation with few words that my noisy banter repeatedly has begun.  All that I could think off is a portion of Honey Lemon Ginger and Cinnamon combo. They are soothing and relaxing, but again it starts all over again. I need a drink to calm the frog in my throat and all I can think of is Mulled Wine.

Strawberry Lassi

Strawberry Lassi

How about trying a Strawberry Lassi in less than 10 minutes?  Lassi is quite popular in the North of India, either sweet or salted. This recipe is  indeed Berry loaded.

Tropical Smoothie Inspired by Key West #FLKEYS

Tropical Smoothie

We have immediate family in the US and that is one of the earnest driving factors for us. But things never fell in place for a long long time, either the visa’s did not get approved for some silly reason ( The officer alone knows why) or the holidays never collided. Our kids are growing up, so we need to work on our holidays revolving around the school vacations. After every 6 weeks of schooling, we do have a week and 2.5 weeks off alternatively… This break is most sought after by parents here and I am no different. With regular intervals in our system, we often enjoy the routine very much and look forward to it. So our summer holidays are limited to 6 weeks in total which in opposed to anywhere in the world is quite different. My niece’s have a brief holiday period of 3 months from Mid-May to the end of July whilst in UK, it begins after the 20th of July to end of August. It’s just 10 days of overlapping period !!! For the rest of the 10 days, we have got my brother and family with their cute little daughter who has still to begin her schooling.

Gin & Tonic in Pimm’s Style

Gin & Tonic

When the weather gets bright and sunny, make Gin & Tonic in Pimms Style, the British way!

We, people in Britain generally associate everything with Weather be it Food, Clothing, Outing, Chilling anything. Sometime last week, it almost felt like early spring and the weather demanded a Chilled quintessential drink where a bunch of us could just chill out under a Canopy, yapping for hours.

Beware its Picture Heavy Post !! Don’t blame me… I couldn’t stop snapping my camera.