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Raspberry Granita

Raspberry Granita
When Temperatures are soaring high, make Raspberry Granita to satisfy your palette with an easy fruity treat. Granita’s are a rough sorbet, grainy and slushy, imperative in high weather!!!

Fluffy American Pancakes #pancakeday

Fluffy American Pancakes

Make this super soft, American Fluffy Pancakes for your family and bet you will get more kisses for this.

It’s National Pancake Day on the 9th of Feb this year and every super store you visit, the hoardings are calling you aloud.You can’t miss the huge shoutouts by hit or miss. The kiddos walk past the aisles and remind me “it’s pancake day soon – when are are we making Pancakes? Have we got a Pan, have we got flour, honey, maple syrup? “My My.. Q’s didn’t end there. So this year it happened to be a Pancake week at home, a week ahead.

2 Minute Mug Chocolate Chip Cookie

2 Minute Mug Chocolate Chip CookieMug Desserts are perfect to satisfy the instant palette craving and they can be whipped up in a jiffy. Early this month, I posted a recipe for 2 Min Microwave Mug Brownie and loved the response from my little tasters,readers, friends and family. And I had promised for the second recipe to follow soon… Ooops!! I have taken a little longer than agreed.  Hold on .. This delayed post definitely has a treat for you. I had a shoutout on Facebook about the Mug Recipes and a lot of my co bloggers came up with their links. Thank you girls for the instant support. This recipe for 2 Minute Mug Chocolate Chip cookie is a full proof,finger licking dessert.

Vegetarian Christmas Pudding

Vegetarian Christmas PuddingSome recipes are meant to be keeper recipes for life !! This Vegetarian Christmas Pudding recipe is going to be one of them. Last one month has been cynical working on a set of photoshoots that I hardly got any dedicated time to develop any exclusive recipe for my blog.