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Arisi Paruppu Payasam

Arisi Paruppu Payasam
Arisi Paruppu Payasam is a traditional Naivedhyam Payasam made on festive occasions. Its a creamy Rice Dal Payasam ( Kheer) that can be made easily with my full proof recipe. This traditional SouthIndian recipe is first on card for year 2017 and lets begin this Super Exciting Year on a Sweet Note.

Easy Potato Curry | Dry Aloo ki Sabji – South Indian Style

Easy Potato Curry | Dry Aloo ki Sabji - South Indian Style

Potato is such a versatile vegetable that literally it can be incorporated in any cuisine… They blend soo well in combination with other vegetables, that it should be known as the king of Vegetables , not Aubergine.. A king should be versatile , kind , well versed , accommodating  and what not.. And Potato it is,will be universally elected if ever a poll is being conducted !!

Puli Inji – A sweet tangy chilli dip | Kerala Tam Bram special

Yet another family classic today at Sandhya’s Kitchen. And why not ??? I am also learning whilst I create the recipe or learn it back home.

 Molagootal is a Palakad Brahmin Recipe that is lightly spiced with mixed vegetables,lentils and coconut.
Its absolutely healthy and delicious on its own.There are soo many
variations to it . It can be made with Spinach & red pumpkin too. This is one type of curry that can be enjoyed with a lot of sides..