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Bbq Chickpeas Tortilla Pizza

bbq chickpeas tortilla pizza

Enjoy Guiltfree, Vegan Gluten-Free Bbq Chickpeas Tortilla Pizza in less than 30 minutes. They are really easy to put together and you are going to Love it. BBQ Chickpeas Tortilla Pizza = Vegan + Gluten Free + under 30 minutes!

Elevenses at Work

Elevenses at Work

Elevenses at work is a compilation of 22 quick, easy and delicious recipes for those mid-morning snacks that invites us to work at 11am by Furniture at Work.  After a super successful Healthy Desk lunchbox e-book, they have brought out their second ebook – Elevenses at Work!  Some of the recipes are apt as perfect treats after the mad rush mornings whilst some of them are great as nibbles while you work. Some make as a perfect brunch alternative and grab on the go too 🙂

With the theme in mind, I sent across my Fluffy American Pancake Recipe to the e-book and so glad to be a part of this wonderful e-book.

Imagine you work from home and are running short of ideas, how about checking out this handy guide .

 You can download the free e-book with a compilation of 22 treat-meet recipes here. Do let me know if you get a chance to try any of them from the book. Bet you are in for a Treat with Elevenses at Work !
 Elevenses at work

Fluffy American Pancakes #pancakeday

Fluffy American Pancakes

Make this super soft, American Fluffy Pancakes for your family and bet you will get more kisses for this.

It’s National Pancake Day on the 9th of Feb this year and every super store you visit, the hoardings are calling you aloud.You can’t miss the huge shoutouts by hit or miss. The kiddos walk past the aisles and remind me “it’s pancake day soon – when are are we making Pancakes? Have we got a Pan, have we got flour, honey, maple syrup? “My My.. Q’s didn’t end there. So this year it happened to be a Pancake week at home, a week ahead.

Pizza Margherita

Pizza Margherita Make this super delicious Pizza Margherita at home with a copycat Dominos recipe for Pizza Dough.

Sometime around when I was 16 – 17 years old, was when I probably had my first Pizza ever in my life. It used to an exotic and a premium food to look out for. When my parents relocated to Chennai – a place in the South of India, just after my 10th Std was when my exploration began. The peer group makes a lot of transformation in a person that one totally learns to adapt the new ways – Good and Bad.