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Coriander Pesto – A 5 minute Pesto Pasta Sauce ! #cilantro #coriander #pesto #noonionnogarlic #under30Minutes

Coriander Pesto Pasta sauce is literally a 5 Minutes, super tasty  wonder sauce that can be whipped up just with a blend. There is absolutely no compromise with taste, fresh herby flavours yet very simple. Hardly a week would pass without this fragrant herb, all wrapped up and cosy inside the fridge. Oh yes !! I am talking about Coriander also referred  to as Cilantro. A sambar is veritably referred to as Coriander Sambar at home as it has to be jazzed with this herb, A must in my dal ( Lentil Soup), A must in the curry’s and now A definite yes in my pasta sauce.

Home made Tomato Pasta Sauce

We love Italian food !! It has very much become a staple diet. Pasta is something that we have atleast once a week, if not twice !! The days that have a buzy 7.30 am to 6 pm , I am sure to stir up the sauce into pasta that day. But we definitely do not stick to our monotonous flavours.. Its not just Creamy Tomato Sauce or White sauce always.. We do have a Chinese version , thats my favourite 😉 . Coriander Pesto Sauce  – thats Hari’s favourite !! And more…

Veggie Pasta Delight

L  ight , Healthy and still yumm ..Quite a one pot meal! Tats all tat I can call this recipe.. Its full of my fav flavour.. with just the right ingredients..

My friends mum used to make this for his lunch box.. at college.. More than 6 yrs up .. and one fine day I managed to get in touch with this friend of mine.. who used to call this a  Macroni pasta.. We used to wait all those 4 years whenever he would get this for lunch and we wud attack it right then. My first introduction to Pasta…when was urs??? I have given this borrowed recipe a twist with the available ingredients..

Pasta Salad & Awards


Browsing… through every blog and catching up with old pending posts does show that Most of them had a blast on the valentines .Award showering is another beautiful way of recognising each other . Never realised that I have made 101 lovely friends , who make sure to visit my blog and write such beautiful comments !