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Mixed Vegetable Clear Soup

Mixed Vegetable Clear Soup

It was raining Cats and Dogs on Saturday Morning..and it was decided we are having soup for lunch . The menu was so apt for the weather . An hour after it was all ready, the sun was shining bright, rain drops cleared up from my french window and kids were all excited  to open up the door and start playing outdoor. Well that’s the London Weather! Totally unpredictable. Thanks to the nearly perfect weather update on BBC, H did tell me the weather will improve. I didn’t have the slightest hope though …

Pea Soup with Fresh Mint & a Giveaway

Pea Soup with fresh mint
The time of the year when the needles change color ,turn yellow and the trees become leafless. A perfect season to walk by the woods, hearing the hustle and tussle . A time of the year to witness the beauty of the magical transformation. Hello Autumn !!!

Cream of Carrot & Coriander Soup

My English granny neigbour & self came up with a pact of learning typical cusines from each other in our free time. So the other day she mentioned to me about the Carrot-Coriander soup being very english & lovely.

Being sick for the last 2 days.. we were just desparate to have something hot & soothing.. Thats when this idea of Carrot Coriander Soup struck me..
Googled over the internet & came up with this very authentic recipe.