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Aloo Tiki

As soon as Navrathri begun , we were on a No Onion  No Garlic Diet . But wanted to eat something chatpata… So had made Aloo Tiki along with Jain Chole for the Aloo Tiki Chat
Will post the Aloo Tiki chat Recipe some other time along with the wonderful chutney’s.

Kala chana chat — A starter or a Snack

A year ago , we had been to a friend-Aunty’s place & she served us an authentic gujrathi platter.Platter contained Black(kala)Chana Chat for starter , Phulka with authentic aloo sabji  & some Amras for dessert. Not to forget the  Salad & pickles .
Kala chana with a blend of little vegie’s & a little bit spice powders make an excellent starter… Well its a chat..  Its quite healthy & ideal for an evening snack too. Recollect my days in Mumbai, where the  telawala bhaiyas used to sell a similar chat made with green channa outside the stations. Mmm .. wot aroma.. You just cant stop grabing one in a paper cone.

Pav Bhaji – Mumbai Street Food

Pav Bhaji… a toungue tickling & mouth watering dish that any Mumbai wala cant resist. Specially the ones made in Juhu Beach…& the ones by the road side telawala(cart guys). They have got a magic ingredient that draws anyone & everyone to their stand.
I am totally fascinated & bowled over by a Restaurant named Garnish in Matunga. A must visit place for all Pav Bhaji lovers be it Jain style or Cheesy Pav Bhaji…. or the regular one… My total inspiration for Pav Bhaji is Garnish. Still hoping to go back to Mumbai someday.. and have it there:)