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Instant Kesar Peda | Saffron Infused Milk Fudge

Instant Kesar Peda
Kesar Peda is a gloriously popular Indian Dessert that is infused with Saffron. When the festive bells ring in the air, making a platter filled with Mithai ( Sweets) is a tradition. This Instant Kesar Peda Recipe is ridiculously easy to make and takes just about 20 minutes.

ON this Note, I wish you and your family a Very Happy Diwali. Have a safe Celebration!!!

Sweet Rice Pudding – The Phirni

I m soo delighted that I have made this lovely pudding and this brings me back to blogging Smile There should be an icebreaker ,when you want to make a comeback and this dessert did the same thing.
My understanding of this dessert was that it would taste  similar to Pal Paysam ( another milk rice pudding made in the traditional south Indian style) . But after compiling this dessert , my notion was proved wrong… This rice pudding is served as Prasad( a token after the prayer) in North India .

Gajar ka Halwa – Indian Carrot Pudding


Talk of an Indian Dessert, something that pops in our mind is Gajar Ka Halwa. This is such a wonderful sweet , irrespective of diversity in Indian Culture ,it is quite  popular and commonly prepared in every household all over on festivals. I chose to prepare this dessert for this Diwali .
This sweet could be prepared in a variety of ways – the traditional way of cooking for long hours , Microwave Method ,With Condensed Milk , Pressure cook method and so on.
I present to you more or less a traditional way of preparing this Indian Carrot Pudding from my Diwali feast.