Diwali Greetings

Dear Blog Friends & Readers ,

Wishing you & your family a very Happy Diwali . Hope everyone is having a rocking celebration with sweets n savouries…. Crackers…. Though sound crackers cant be used in apartments in UK , We did lit a few sparklers and also did give my lil one his first sparkler to hold..
THANK YOU FRIENDS for your wishes.. I truely cherish them!!

We had a lovely diwali feast @home today with a potluck lunch…

Menu was

Starter : Dry Gobi Manchurian , Salads & Popadums
Main : Paneer Makhani & Dal Makhani
Rice : Veg fried Rice
Breads : Nan ( Picked it from Tesco’s )
Raitha : Mixed Raitha

MM now coming to Sweets n Savouries for Diwali , I had prepared Maaladu ( Recipe already posted) & Gajar ka Halwa in the Sweet Variety . Methi Cuts for Savouries…

Where are the recipes now ??? Well well… need to wait.I m sure you wont be disappointed with the recipes you are waiting for . Will post it in my forthcoming posts.

Until then Syonara ….


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Maaladu – Roasted Spilt gram Ladoo

Diwali feast has begun… with sweets n savouries… I was just soo excited when I made my first sweet for this festival yesterday… That too my most favourite one… never really tried hands at making them from scratch.. coz I love it the way my Amma does it.. No one can beat tat flavour 🙂
I remember burning my hands 2 years back… when I tried to make a ladoo’s… but then I ditched the whole process…

Aloo Methi Paratha

We are always fond of paratha’s as its quite versatile by itself and we dont need much to go with it.. Just a pickle or yogurt shud do… 🙂
I learnt this recipe from my gujarathi aunt over the telephone..My first trial wasnt 100% successful becoz of the variety of the potatoes… But I still managed to make it well somehow… by trying a different method for sealing.
My second attempt at it .. was simply easy peesy.. no struggle..Thanks to the potatoes..this time 🙂

Swirly Chocolate Walnut Cake

Hi All….

Thank you for all your recovery wishes & loads of comforting messages .I am perfectly fine now & back with my Bake a Cake post.
This is my first hand at Baking a Cake and wow… woow… I m totally satisfied..
Coz its quite easy …and I got the perfect texture I was looking for..

Well coming to Making .. Referred to Divya’s Zebra Cake  & Pound Cake’s Recipe from google & combined both of them and gave it my version.

I didnt have a Circular tin , so went on my preparation with a square tin.My 19 months old lil one just loved it.. He ate a slice of it.. though hot.. and said.. Mmmm Mmmm . He had couple of bites of it. That gave me my best satisfaction. My H felt hungry early this morning when he saw the cake .. and had them at 6 in the morning 🙂 Wot more could you expect…..out of your experiment being successful ???