Classic Blueberry Muffins

Heyy ….
Really excited to share … that I m on a long holiday for 7 Weeks… Leaving tomm …
Looking forward to shopping and celebrations with family and friends…Hoping to catch up with lovely traditional recipes from my grandmum & mum.
Will b missing the lovely spring out here and my lil bloggy.. She is 11 months old.. now..
I m creating autoposts to keep my space going !!Please keep coming and leave ur lovely comments that make my day every day!!
I m actually feeling a bit sad.. that I will not b able to catch up with all the delicious recipes.. for sometime…
Will c u sooon !! Until then enjoy my classic blueberry muffins.. as a treat for this lovely spring.

Chocolate Souffle with Orange Sauce

 Finally made it..   ..after a disaster….souffle attempt!! Hip Hip Hurray…

The word souffle was first introduced to me in a tele program by Gordon Ramsay.. and it was fresh from the Oven..It was Ages ago… But after serious googling.. I found hot and cold versions….
I havc tried the vegetarian cold version of souffle.. and it was a disaster.. I  served mango souffle  for dessert to my guests.Used China grass as a gelatine substitute… they did appreciate.. But my dear H softly promted.. U can do lot more better….
Well Not the one I made yesterday… This was just beautiful and divine ….It was very well received by my lovely critic..

Chilli Soya

Again Chilli Uh?? Yes! But this one is  a little more healthy n Definitely Yummier…..   For Non Soya Lovers… this is definitely bingo !! Try it… out
If you are looking for a desi version for Soya Chunks ,just check out my Dry Soya Chunk’s Curry .
Let me know what you think of it …. Also please share how you handle Soya Chunks to eliminate any unacceptable aroma .

Chilli Nan

 A total buzy Easter long weekend!! Full of activites and actions… Played my first Wii game …. and had a tournament….  We had friends visiting us and we too visited a few…Highlight of this long weekend .. was the Disco Nite at home… It was truely rocking!!
Apologies for not visiting any blogs because of the hols …. Am back with a zing… now and catching up…
I had a couple of new dishes on the card ..Worth mentioning was Chilli Soya… Quite Different from this. .. and quite healthy!!  Also prepared Kozhakattai for lord Ganesha.. Though I have posted the recipe earlier  , my pics were totally amateurish…. It was my first recipe for any event too !!Have updated… it… with my new clicks..