Creamy Oats Porridge for Babies

Creamy Oats Porridge
Oats are among the safest to introduce to your baby as a first food.It’s a good idea to get your children to enjoy oats from an early age, as they play a very important role in good health throughout adulthood too.
One among the easy &quicky recipe’s is Creamy Oats Porridge.

Pizz-eat / Pizza Puff

I have been feeling hungry in the evening having the right hunger , only a snacky bite. Thats when Pizz-eat was born in my kitchen.It takes under 30 min for the total process  -10 minute oven preheating time & 15 min baking time 🙂

Badam Kheer /Almond Kheer


Almond /Badam Kheer is first among sweet dishes ,I learnt after marriage. Its really very simple and it is really yummy whether served hot or chilled. Dedicating this dish to my dear husband who is always in love with Sweets:).Quite an ideal sweet for beginners to try.