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#BWW-Caramelised Peanuts

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_MG_0902-bww _MG_0904-bww Peanut Seller on the Tower Bridge  _MG_0914

                            On cold buy sumycin ,frosty days , these hot ,caramelised peanuts just make the perfect environment for munch !!! They are luscious… Bet you cant stop with one !!! Susan , I clicked this one for the BWW edition only. Am soo much exhilarated when the peanut seller was kind in letting my click one.

#BWW– Street Food

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Street Food are absolutely incredible … They are distinguished by their local flavours and authenticity trails . Are you geared up for some Street Food ( Chaat ) ???
Chaat is typically sold by the road side vendors and is a relish delight …. Though they are served in polished silverware inside 4 walls .., do you reckon having the same infallible savour?


Caught this by a Street Vendor in Jaipur … !! Care for some ??
I do... and this visual treat goes to Susan’s Black & White Wednesday , a culinary picture event.