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Chocolate Pannacotta with Vegetarian alternative for Gelatine

Chocolate Panna Cotta garnished with white chocolate curls served in glasses

My first introduction to Panna cotta has been online, a couple of years ago with a countless shares from so many people on Facebook, websites, blog and what not..  A couple of further reads online led me into an understanding that Panna cotta is a traditional Italian dessert that is made with sweetened cream ,thickened with gelatine and moulded.

Baking | Some more Brownies

Couple of things have been running in the background.I have been wanting to promulgate about two of my recent expeditions. My post on Anzac Biscuits has been published in 3 of our Local Magazines in the November edition- Sunbury Matters, Shepperton Matters and Village Matters. Its quite a swell feeling in mind and gives some usaid satisfaction as these magazines are circulated in around 12000 houses locally. Secondly, I have become a featured contributor to Sweet n Spicy App. This app is available for free in Android and Apple. Do download them in your mobile gadgets and browse over 100’s of recipes.