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Christmas Trifle

Ho Ho !! Jingles all the way .We are totally in sprirts of Christmas and festivity in air. Tinsels, baubles, tree top decorations, ribbons, lights, trinklets and we are all geared to enjoy the festivity.
The lights have been twinkling in our local village markets and high streets. The high streets were jam packed with people of all ages shopping as a family for the presents.Something we look forward to every year.

Food Event | Dream Non Dairy Icecream

Last week, I received an invite to attend a Dairyfree Icecream Pop up event from Dreams !!. They specialise in Dairyfree Icecreams .Yes you heard it right. An icecream thats dairy free.  For those living a lactose free, non dairy lifestyle, Dreams products are the perfect alternative.
The event was held at The Housekeeping Institute in London. Shweta from Merry Tummy and self  had an awesome experience slathering over different flavors of ice cream, chitchatting and offcourse snapshot time. When two girly bloggers meet, we gossip over an ice cream , over a coffee , some window shopping in streets of London , eagerly waiting for the Christmas lights to turn on and what not. A perfect girls day out too.