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Pea Soup with Fresh Mint & a Giveaway

Pea Soup with fresh mint
The time of the year when the needles change color ,turn yellow and the trees become leafless. A perfect season to walk by the woods, hearing the hustle and tussle . A time of the year to witness the beauty of the magical transformation. Hello Autumn !!!

Chocolate Chip Muffin | Yet another one..

Chocolate Chip Muffin photo IMG_1095.jpg

Children … they string our joys, like jewels bright, upon the thread of years —Edward A. Guest

My world revolves around my little family,socialise with my children and work on their joys , worries, woes, agony and needs in all shapes and sizes.

I take it in stride, one day at a time. Every day is another day well planned and spent. Lots of jam packed action in our regular routine with loads of requests and orders from my lil ones..
One such unfulfilled promise to Lil V is a Muffin. Just letting you know how it feels to a tot of 4 years old. He has been whinning about it every term holiday ,every vacation – why don’t you make them like before Amma??
After having Miss S in my tummy.. I have failed in relationship, fulfilling little promises to V , just that I did not have any energy or zeal to do it. I just couldnt do it..
V’s heart would break every time and he would run away. V would wear a long face,the tears will roll down his face and would drift away.

Review : Domino’s Reggae Reggae Pizza

T  he day after the perfect sunshine bank holiday and just absolute laziness… Not sure what to cook  and my tummy is rumbling… I took this opportunity to order Vegetarian Reggae Reggae Pizza.. Little did I realise it was a Tuesday today.. and Domino’s offers 2 for 1 deal on a Tuesday.. A cheeky smile on my face and I ordered a Vegetarian Supreme half & half..minus the jalapenos for lil V on other side. I was expecting a regular 50 minutes waiting time as most pizza delivery brands take.
Believe it or not … 15 minutes hence my door bell rung. It was the pizza delivery expert at the door. They are really very quick that I can place an order first, set the table then and there and eat them straight away without even warming up in the oven.