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Review : Domino’s Reggae Reggae Pizza

T  he day after the perfect sunshine bank holiday and just absolute laziness… Not sure what to cook  and my tummy is rumbling… I took this opportunity to order Vegetarian Reggae Reggae Pizza.. Little did I realise it was a Tuesday today.. and Domino’s offers 2 for 1 deal on a Tuesday.. A cheeky smile on my face and I ordered a Vegetarian Supreme half & half..minus the jalapenos for lil V on other side. I was expecting a regular 50 minutes waiting time as most pizza delivery brands take.
Believe it or not … 15 minutes hence my door bell rung. It was the pizza delivery expert at the door. They are really very quick that I can place an order first, set the table then and there and eat them straight away without even warming up in the oven.