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Tomato Rice

Tomato Rice

South Indian Tomato Rice is an easy One Pot Meal that does not require many special ingredients, yet they are palatable. Serve them with Potato Crisps, Salad and Raitha for a Hit Combination.

Very rarely I shoot pictures for a recipe unplanned. But today, after we came rushed home from our Sunday morning chaos, I had to cook & serve something super speedy in the next one hour before the Violin Lessons begin at home.

Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable Biryani

Simple Vegetable Biryani cooked in alternate layers of vegetables simmered in gravy & Steamed White Rice, in Dum Method.

As the time of year slips into winter, we end up spending more time indoors. More friends, more catchup’s & more sleepover parties. Elaborate cooking, tons of chit chat and loads of fun. All our weekend calendars need to be booked way in advance in order to avoid any collision and any plan change. This weekend went on just as planned.  We invited one of closest friends over for dinner and it was one hearty evening. We were planning on how to spend the New Year midnight ideally and enjoyed gaming on our new fuss ball table, a present that was meant to arrive on time for Christmas ( and it came in early). Celebration has already kicked off!!

Mint Coriander Pulao Rice Recipe & Product Review of OXO’s Green Saver Collection

Mint Coriander Pulao Rice Recipe

Being a Vegetarian by choice, as a family, Vegetables, Herbs & Fruits are a major chunk in my grocery bill. After bringing them home from the farmer’s market or the super grocer, I end up wrapping the herbs either in plastic bag or keep them loosely wrapped in a kitchen towel to avoid getting rotten quickly. With the rest of the vegetables like Cabbage, Carrots,  Chayote and Peppers, they are either stored as it is or in a very thin plastic bag. After a week, by any chance if they are not cooked up , they slowly begin to rot.  Sometimes, just incase if I have bought them in larger quantity, I would end of chopping them into pieces, pack them in a ziplock and put it away in the freezer compartment.

OXO was kind enough to send me two of their produce keepers to conduct an experiment and I totally loved it. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much of a difference, but the fact is , THERE IS !!

Tomato Rice with Anjum Anand

A bantam chunk of contentment did arise after having a Library card issued in my name… Do u think I m kidding ??? Not at all …I was pepped up all day , letting the world around me know about it…I m not a book reader at all ,but a web reader. My be gossip magazines ,Bollywood , styling  -  A green signal. Prey in the category who would have droopy head on reading a book… But trust me..I have just realised, Cookbooks , Photography books are just like hot coffee that can pep me up anytime… I m picking gastronomy books ,for the first time ever and take intrinsic pride for it.