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Tomato Rice with Anjum Anand

A bantam chunk of contentment did arise after having a Library card issued in my name… Do u think I m kidding ??? Not at all …I was pepped up all day , letting the world around me know about it…I m not a book reader at all ,but a web reader. My be gossip magazines ,Bollywood , styling  -  A green signal. Prey in the category who would have droopy head on reading a book… But trust me..I have just realised, Cookbooks , Photography books are just like hot coffee that can pep me up anytime… I m picking gastronomy books ,for the first time ever and take intrinsic pride for it.

Rajma Chawal – Kidney Beans Rice

After preparing Tortilla Wraps with Kidney Beans, I was wondering what to cook with the left over Kidney Beans…??? I am not a big fan of Rice varieties.. Will wave a flag for a Paratha instead or Phulka with sabji .
Pondering and wandering a bit around the house ,I decided to prepare Rajma Chawal ( Kidney Beans Rice)..H is quite flexible in his choices for food and this definitely gives me a chance to try and experiment 🙂 . Can U believe I have never made this one pot meal before…Surprising isnt it!!!  Prepared this lovely Mixed Rice without a side for H’s lunch to work .. and I enjoyed it too the next day with lil V.