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Mixed Vegetable Clear Soup

Mixed Vegetable Clear Soup

It was raining Cats and Dogs on Saturday Morning..and it was decided we are having soup for lunch . The menu was so apt for the weather . An hour after it was all ready, the sun was shining bright, rain drops cleared up from my french window and kids were all excited  to open up the door and start playing outdoor. Well that’s the London Weather! Totally unpredictable. Thanks to the nearly perfect weather update on BBC, H did tell me the weather will improve. I didn’t have the slightest hope though …

Bread Pakora with Coriander Spinach Chutney

I have actually had a little sit with my good old laptop for editing and writing after nearly two months.Phew ! A batalion of drafts was lined up to keep my blog up from December until now. There is soo much to share, soo much write , so much to ramble and more but there was hardly any zeal left with within me to pick my camera and do the pictures. A fantastic and an extremely buzy India trip, much more than I imagined !! A collection of props and fabrics – from here & there and I am all excited to share it with all..

Corn on the Cob – Three Ways to Cook & Three Ways to Season

I am in Love with Corn ! Now its H , big boy V and Lil
Miss S !! It’s such a healthy vegetable and is right enough as a starter at
home. Being a purist, I like to enjoy it just in its original form many times..
SOmetimes with the natural flavouring – Butter + Salt. Sometimes a little more
seasoning …
Corn on the Cob can be had in a barbeque or in a picnic, right as a summer
treat !!

Stove Top Paneer Tikka


Fancy Making Paneer Tikka’s and worried about not having an oven… Guess this is it…  I love the healthier version  but we definitely deserve indulgence occasionally… Flavours from pan made are a little more rejuvenating …  But if you are looking for a smoky effect in Tikka’s ,hop in check my Paneer Tikka post to try the oven way.
Believe in your self and you will be rocking with this starter treating your family… 

SK turns 2 !!!! Celebrations with Singara ( Bengali Samosa)

Proud!! Sandhya’s Kitchen turns 2…
My baby is growing to a toddler.. Passing thro the early rough stage , trying to get acquaintances and recognition and get stable while walking.. Many trips , hurting the tender knees… now confidently running around…
SK has given me so much of an identity , allowing my thoughts and scribbling’s to have a reach. Feels  proud when I get to hear from near & far about the blog , about the recipes they tried , successful attempts and their thoughts.. Quite thoughtful of my friends & neighbours who remember to keep aside props thinking about my blog .. Isn’t it very nice of them??? Hugs to Mom & H … specially for picking baking books for me Smile …  Never realised I have a lovely set of silent readers of this space.. A liner from them or a mail from them letting me know , has a heap of significance..
Happy Birthday bloggy baby !!!