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Coriander Pesto – A 5 minute Pesto Pasta Sauce ! #cilantro #coriander #pesto #noonionnogarlic #under30Minutes

Coriander Pesto Pasta sauce is literally a 5 Minutes, super tasty  wonder sauce that can be whipped up just with a blend. There is absolutely no compromise with taste, fresh herby flavours yet very simple. Hardly a week would pass without this fragrant herb, all wrapped up and cosy inside the fridge. Oh yes !! I am talking about Coriander also referred  to as Cilantro. A sambar is veritably referred to as Coriander Sambar at home as it has to be jazzed with this herb, A must in my dal ( Lentil Soup), A must in the curry’s and now A definite yes in my pasta sauce.

Bread Pakora with Coriander Spinach Chutney

I have actually had a little sit with my good old laptop for editing and writing after nearly two months.Phew ! A batalion of drafts was lined up to keep my blog up from December until now. There is soo much to share, soo much write , so much to ramble and more but there was hardly any zeal left with within me to pick my camera and do the pictures. A fantastic and an extremely buzy India trip, much more than I imagined !! A collection of props and fabrics – from here & there and I am all excited to share it with all..

Guest Post from Lubna of Yummy Food | Blueberry Jam Microwave Muffins

The guest post session in my blog comes ad hoc but of the writers, chief thinkers and executers whose blog I love to read / admire, virtually drool and more. Today’s post is a special post from yet another long time virtual blog buddy Lubna from Yummy Food. Hop over to her space and drool over the wonderful dishes and treats, specially the microwave treats that Lubna makes in a jiffy. Her blog run’s a Ramadan Special Fast to Feasting event every year, introducing new guest writers with their yummily delightful treat. 

Pizza Tart

Pizza Tart
 A really super  quick and easy, simple pizza with puff pastry as the base is this recipe for Pizza Tart. Anyone up for a challenge ? It takes a little under 30 minutes all together.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!! Nav varsh ki hardik shubh kamnaye !!
“With each passing year we grow and learn..
With each passing year we progress…
Yes there are defeats..yes there are regrets,
but we need to be strong and rational for years to come.
I wish all strength and prosperity in coming year ahead. Happy new year to all!”