My first bread – Pav

Huh…. Wot a piece of satisfaction… when We can make our own bread.. For me , baking a bread was just like a dream… and never knew it could be made so easily……
Yup.. I baked  Pav(bread of  Pav bhaji & I learnt it from Vah Chef  .Isnt it lovely… Till date I have only picked up Wartburtons dinner rolls in London or used to go to a baker in India… and pick it..
Remember a friend making fun of me… during school days.. saying.. Sandy.. you making pav Bhaji…   just impossible.. You wud pick a packet of Pav from the market..  , buy a packet of ready made bhaji too and serve them together taking all the credit….  Just recollected this funny incident when I baked my pav at home.



All Purpose Flour(Maida)3.5Cups
Dry Yeast3.5gm
Butter3.5 table spoon
Sugar1/2 tsp
Salt3/4 tsp
Water2 Cups


This measurement will yield 11 Pav’s .


1 Cup AllPurpose Flour : 1 gm Yeast : 1 table Spoon Butter


    1. In a medium size bowl , add sugar & to it add the dry yeast. Stir it well. Now add 1/2 cup of  warm water & stir them well. Remember do not add hot water . It will kill the yeast rather than making it active.
    2. Lets add about 1 3/4 cup water altogether to this yeast mix. It is said flour will need about 55% roughly for making a soft dough.
    3. In a clear large flat bowl , add the flour, required salt  & yeast water slowly and knead it well. Knead the dough for a little more time than the chapathi dough.  The dough might be sticky,but with the addition of butter we will get a nice soft dough. Punch  & knead a couple of times again so that the air molecules dont get retained .
    1. Cover the dough with a cling film or a Plastic sheet in a way that the vessel is sealed well. keep aside this dough for 1 hour.  After an hour the dough is sure to rise .
    1. Knead the dough about 2 or 3 times again & now make medium sized balls and place them on a greased baking sheet dusted with a little bit of all purpose flour.PS: Apply a little bit of vegetable oil or butter on your palm while making the balls . There is a tendancy to stick a bit.
    1. Place the dough balls nearly touching with each other. Now again wrap the dough balls with a plastic sheet and keep it aside for about 30 min.  You will find the dough balls have a taken a bit of a flat shape. Using a kitchen paper towel , give the dough balls a bit of milk wash .This will help the bread to get a little brownish on the top.
    2. Preheat the oven at 190 C  & now bake the bough balls for 30 minutes. Hot Pav (Bread ) which is soft & fluffy(with a rebounce effect) is ready for your Pav Bhaji or Vada Pav..
  1. For recipe of Mumbai’s original Pav Bhaji click here. & for making Vada’s click here.

Try them &let me know how you like it !!!

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  • Wow…you made it… prefect pav bread looks awesome…wish to have rite now hmmm….Waiting for u r next post.

  • Cheers Sandhya !!
    That is so cool, even I've read the paav recipe so many times but never thought of trying it myself !

  • Wow Sandhya…that certainly is a very good bread for first attempt…in fact it look perfect…soft and fluffy 🙂

  • wow you nailed it. they look wonderful, a must try!

  • wow..What a cute pav! Dont know if we can do it at home:) Very tempting pictures.

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    She / he has copied All my photos, recipes and published in her blog.
    The persons affected are: Malar of kitchen Tantra, Viki of viki's kitchen, House of Annie, Cooking4allseasons.
    I don't know how to proceed , if all our treasures are stolen.

  • its quite simple viki… i did them in my first attempt.

  • Your bread looks awesome 🙂
    I bet your house smelled great afterwards!

  • wow it looks perfect….

  • Wow this looks great and yum yumm…looks great and perfect… wish have some thats ok i will prepare bhaji myself..

  • looks too good!
    do visit my blog when u find time!

  • Thanks for the lovely comments in my blog,you have a great collection of recipes too,cant wait to browse through!
    Keep in touch 🙂

  • hey ur buns look perfect…keep on experimenting.

  • @Pavithra & Sushma… Thank you gals..

    WOW …its my pleasure to have you here RaK's..
    You are soo inspiring…

    Thanks Dipti…. experimenting in kitchen is soo fun & rewarding.

  • Perfect! both pic and pavs!Nicely baked and for the first attempt these are trophies 🙂

  • these are perfect pav….soft and fluffy…..
    hey ur in London??? where are u located in London….I was in London too…..just moved back in July……

  • WOW! you baked Pav.. awesome and it looks perfect. Thanks for visiting my blog:) nice to meet you.

  • Thanks Purva… yeah I live close to Heathrow…
    oh nice.. where abouts were you living??

  • Looks perfect with the golden crust,Sandhya!

  • wow those pav's came out very nice dear…good job sandhya..

  • Mmmm.. Too tempting Sandhya.. Nice try, i'll let you know the result soon!! 🙂
    And thanks for stopping by my blog. I've added you to my blogroll.. Hope u dont mind 🙂

  • wow! this is really nice!should try it sometime!

  • Hey Sandhya, The Pav looks gooooooood!! My first time here, you have a nice blog and cool pictures. Happy Blogging!

  • First time here Sandhya. Is this really your first attempt cos Pav looks just perfect. Visit mine if u get a chance.

  • Hey Sandhya,
    Thanks for following mine.
    I am also following your recipes.
    Will add you on my blogroll.
    Pav bun looks great. That's a nice idea to bake your own pav buns specially when we are away from India and don't get fresh ones.
    All your recipes are nice and like your blog's design.

  • I cam here from ECs blog. Great to find your blog. You have an awesome place…

  • Perfect Bread for pav,Excellent

  • Hi sandhya , first time in this wonderful blog.Came to know ur blog from EC's budding blogger article..nice reading abt u..U have lots of yummy recipes..Nice blog 🙂

  • Oh wow…looks perfect, soft and yum….

  • Wow those soft and spongy buns looks gorgeous Sandhya, thanks a lot for ur comments on my blog, U have a lovely space Sandhya..

  • Sandhya try visiting ASDA of hounslow and Feltham or any Indian grocery shop in areas like Hounslow. U will surely get rock salt in Quality shop at Southall……
    I dont know where you are located in London, can guide u accordingly

  • Sandhya I used to stay at Feltham

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  • HI sandhya you have wonderful space here.Your pav looks yummy.Thanks for sharing .

  • Wow! Perfect pav..wl def try it out and let u know..
    Aparna Vijay

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  • Thanks Sandhya – Keep Visiting! U hv a lovely blog and loved the fluffy pav! Sev puri is just too tempting. Keep posting lovely recipes!

  • Hi Sandy,

    I will make this tomorrow.
    Can u tell me what is milk wash?


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