Sambar Powder..

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T  ime to attack on the recipe from my grandma’s kitchen again!! This recipe is very dear to me.. as this was my first drafted recipe for blogging. I have now reworked on it with clicks and post makeup 🙂 . Both my granny ‘s have been extremely good in their kitchens… and have been know for their specialities..
My paternal granny is no more around.. that I can ask her for anything.. Have been thro a very lean period  after my granny leaving abode this March….
This recipe comes from my Maternal granny.. She is quite good in new inventions .. and has been measuring with cups and tablespoons only for me .. Isnt it nice of her… For anything that I want to cook , I will ask patty  ” How many tspns?? What is the size of the cup ?? ” Have been
really troubling her ever since I got married .. heheh

If  you would like to sneak into my granny ‘s recipes  check out Rasam Powder & Bitter Gourd Pickle . Also feel free to let me know if you would like me to post any authentic.. recipe.

PS: I havent made this Sambar powder !Comes straight from my patty’s kitchen just as I have written .. and measurements came along.


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Coriander Seeds / Dhaniya1 Cup
Dry Red Chillie / Molagavettal1 Cup
Chana Dal / Kadal Parup2Tsp
Tur Dal2 Tsp
Mustard Seeds /Kadugu1/4th Tsp
Urd Dal/ Ultam Parup1/4th Tsp
Black Pepper balls / Kurumolagu1/4th Tsp
Methi Seeds / Mendiyam1 Tsp


  • Dry Roast the Dal’s ,Black Pepper ,Mustard & Methi Seeds in a kadai until light red in color
    Remove from flame and place in a large plate to cool down. 
  • Dry Roast Coriander Seeds & Red Chillie until its heated  and now allow it to cool.
  • Grind all the ingredients together and Sambar powder is ready to be used.

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  • I am seeing the pic, but can actually smell it, that's how beautiful the pic is 🙂

  • thanks priya.. tat was very quick !

  • HI Sandhya,
    It is very authentic recipe. Thanks for sharing it.
    I can go on drinking sambhar made with this masala.

  • Wow …. what can I say ! Thanks to you n granny dear for the wonderful recipe ..

    Cheers n Happy Cooking,

  • wow what a beautiful click …i always love the home made sambar powder ..


  • Very useful post Sandy.Will try for sure.Beautiful clicks too:)

  • Nice version dear…awesome clicks..

  • Dear Sandhya
    How are you? I am so irregular these days that I am missing out many good recipes…
    after eating the great Rawalpindi chhole, i am here to learn the finer aspect of sambar powder… :-).
    Never tried to make at home ..but friends say the home made ones are much better than the best brand one gets in the market ..
    I will try the Chhole 1st, before making this one.
    Have a nice day

  • im sure that would taste a 100 times better than the mediocre ones i get from the store..if only i was as motivated as you and grind them..sigh!
    maybe il get my mil 2 do it for me when i head down to india this dec…nice pics as usual

  • I agree with Priya 🙂 A beautiful click indeed!

  • Gorgeous pics Sandhya. It is so nice of your granny that she uses measurement cups for you.

  • Hey sandhya,
    thats a vera traditional powder ! always wanted to make one but never did. This one lokks absolutely spicy and i could actually smell it 🙂
    could u pls. give me the "puliyogarey" recipe if possible?

  • Sandhya,perfect clicks and a great recipe for sambar powder…

  • Stunning click!!
    I always wanted to make sambhar powder of my own will try your recipe..Thanx to your granny:)

  • Always love home made sambhar powder,its universal powder for southindian cooking ;)Nice clicks and love the header by the way!

  • Beautiful pictures ……. thanks for the recipe …..

  • Hi Sandhya,

    A good description indeed!!!


  • Nice clicks as usual.. Will try BG pickle soon 🙂

  • My mom too make sambhar powder and pack for me everytime. Though i make my own sambhar powder, nothing can beat our mom or grandmom.looks very nice with the beautiful click

  • Wonderful sambar powder. Sure the aroma would have been great

  • I cant live without sambar powder and rasam powder…Prefect looking sambar powder..

  • Thanks for the authentic Sambhar powder recipe.

  • The pics are soo good i can almost smell in d aroma of freshly ground masala!

  • hi sandhya…visited ur space after a long 7month old baby s taking my all time.. :)..
    i was in search of a sambar powder recipe..normally my mother in law prepares it and send to was almost over..thank god i got this one.. 🙂

  • thanks for sharing dear…nice click

  • Sandhya, in these many years of marriage, I srill call my amma and paternal grand aunt for rescue recipes…I am so thankful that you can drag your patty's recipes here to share…wonderful!

  • @ Jeyshri…
    No matter wot I learn and how much ever I make well , cant beat the flavour tat come from home!

  • @ Ushnish : Good to see u back.. Sometimes balancing time between work and other things become difficult.. totallyunderstand.

    Oh yeah .. doo try the chole..
    Powders made at home.. impart their distinct flavour..

  • @ Satya , Nivi , Satrupa & Chitra..
    thanks for ur lovely comments!

  • @ Latha AUnty…
    Guess its a matter of tradition and want to learn from the older generation.
    I remember a stage , where I used to get angry with amma when she would try telling me things when I m about to do the cooking.. But I totally realise the value now..Miss u ma.. and sorry abt it!

  • @ Lena: Thanks for following me..
    Good to see u here after a while!
    Yeah do try the powder n let me know…
    tc of ur lil and urself..

  • @ Pratima , Sanjeetha , Priya and Shanthi Aunty…
    Indeed fresh ground powder has its aroma all over… But I didnt grind this one.. It comes from Patty's house still..

  • Hi Sandhya
    thanks for the recipe, as I always looking for diffrent sambhar poder recipes..looks great!

  • Hy dear,

    Awesome, delicious paneer recipes. Thank you for sending..!


  • Nothing like paatis' the pictures! I add sambar podi to everything ..I would even add it to italian dished sometimes for an extra kick!!

  • choo cute mrignayani… !!

  • @Jay
    Any time ….
    thanks for hosting such a lvoely event

  • Really its tasty Sambar Powder.
    Thanks for share.

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