Homemade Pizza Dough

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I  love Pizza’s !!!! And who wouldn’t love Domino’s??? They always come up with new promotions ..Way back in India they had this 30 min delivery challenge.. Invariably they wud land up late at my door and deliver it free 🙂 Isnt it lucrative… I used to be a bit worried if the driver/ delivery boy would have to pay a penalty for this.. But I did speak to the store manager who hands it over.. and they were quite clear that the delivery boy’s have got nothing to do with it… This used to give me peace of mind .. and enjoy my Pizza Guilt freee….

Well well.. when I was offered for a challenge to try a dominos pizza of my choice .. and compare it with mine , never bothered to think twice… Firstly .. Love their pizza….Secondly why not????I love my pizza too… Isnt it a good idea to get to business now :))

Ordering Pizza  online from the Domino’s website is damn easy . Just enter your postcode to kick start the process and you are on the  pizza menu . One regret is that , there is not much of creativity with the veggie menu .. we just have 4 options. If you are really picky about your topping like me , best is to create your own pizza.. I have ordered Vegetarian Supreme minus Mushrooms & tomatoes plus pineapples & black olives.  But since the software just allows you to make 2 changes overall , I had to create one on my own instead of predefined toppings.

Second pizza we tried was Veggie Volcanos.. Again .. with modifications ,I had to create one on my own and include black olives instead of tomatoes and add the garlic butter.

Otherwise… they are sooper cool . Be it delivery or payment… Very prompt on time too ..
They close their ordering by 11pm and quite promptly update their website too.. Thats really techy and perfect to keep the customers updated.

How did the challenge go???


I  love my pizza’s tooo 🙂 . But I would say the base got slightly thicker than the dominos one.Before I forget , Domino’s pizza are quite generous in their size compared to “P” pizza … Quite visible to the naked eye and hungry tummies :))

I love the garlicky flavour in the pizza ordered.. Cant get it right when made at home.. either they become too flaky .. or we have chews of them here and there… making our experience very unplesant….

Liil V loves his mama’s pizza…  no more Uncle’s ( Domino’s / “P”)  Pizza .finally !!!! Hurray .. 🙂  If untold ,”my pizza had the same taste and flavour as any branded… ” said H … Tat made my evening….
No matter what pizza it is , I always keep aside 2 slices of my pizza for my next day lunch… They taste even better undoubtedly .. Do you agree???


 I have made my base a couple of times with this recipe and its perfect. I loved this program Baking made Easy by chef Lorraine Pascal .Dunno why BBC discontinued with 5 episodes..

 For the Basic Dough :

 Source : BBC Good Food 

Strong White Bread Flour250gm /9 0z  / 2 Cups  + Extra for dusting
Fast Action Dried Yeast1/2 Tsp
Warm Water145ml /5 Oz
Olive Oil2-3 Tblspn

Other Ingredients:

Pasta Sauce ( Tomato & Onion)4-5 Tblspn
Mozarella Cheese200 gm
Olive Oil3 Tblspn
Pepper Powder1/2 Tsp


Pizza 1 :Red Onions , Mixed Peppers, Pineapple , Olives & SweetCorn
Pizza 2:Onions,Black Olives , Jalapenos , Mixed Peppers , Sweet Corn


  • Mix the flour, salt and yeast together in a large bowl and make a well in the middle. In a jug, mix the water and half the oil together, then pour the liquid into the well of the flour mixture and mix to make a soft but not sticky dough. Apply the remaining oil onto your palms and Knead for 10 minutes by hand on a lightly floured work surface . Bring the dough together to a smooth flat ball and place on a large bowl . Cover the pizza dough loosely with oiled clingfilm, making sure it is airtight. Leave in a warm but not hot place for 30–40 minutes. I normally warm the microwave for 1 minute on its own .Once turned off , place the covered pizza dough in the bowl in the microwave. After 40 minutes , they double in size..Airy … 
  • Half the dough and roll them out to a large circle . Prick them with a fork all around to knock out the air. This will bring out the right crust. Fold the edges overlapping onto the other .This is gives us a desired buldge on the edge.
  • Preheat the oven to 220 C .
  • Spread a thin layer of pasta sauce leaving the edges,Scatter of half the mozarella cheese over the spread sauce.
  • Arrange the toppings over the cheese layer , followed by the addition of remaining cheese .A good drizzle of olive oil all over and a definite brushing up on the edges. Place the pizza on your foil covered baking tray .
  • Bake them for 15 -20 minutes until the crust turns golden brown or the cheese has melted. Allow them cool for 2-3 minutes . In the mean while prepare the second pizza in the same process as the first one.
  • Serve them at the table with freshly ground pepper , generous drizzle of olive oil & allow the stripping to happen.. Who wudnt love the gorgeous melting pizza on your plate ????

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  • delicious looking pizza Sandhya love the toppings you have used

  • Wow.. this is a classic way of posting yours vs domino's 🙂 Love this post the best 🙂

    Your pizza looks cuter then theirs. Collars up dear 🙂 I like my base thicker. So I opt for yours 🙂

    I have tried Raks version. But will give yours a try soon 🙂

  • Watever nothing will beat the homemade pizzas, simply drooling here..

  • What a TREAT!!!! Looks so cheesy & super delicious!!! I alwayz get the base from out & throw in my own topping & homemade sauce..Must give ur base recipe a try..
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  • ONE WORD 'Awesome" is my verdict!!!!

  • dinner time for me,drooling here.nice to see u back after a long time

  • Heyy Thanks Jeyashri… Too many things happening around me….
    I m actually wanting to get back to active blogging… Hopefully this is the start… lets see

  • Heyy Nithya….

    Coming from you means a lot to me… Raks version looks good tooo… It didnt taste any different.. with the toppings 🙂

    You can surely try and get back with any queries…

  • @ Torview Toronto : Thanks a ton… They are regular favourites….

  • Thanks Priya…
    Making at home is way too cost effective tooo……

    @Pratima : Its really easy dear.. infact just a lil more effort than a chapathi dough… You shud b trying..

  • Latha Aunty…. You made b smile instantly 🙂 Thank you..

  • I loooooooooove ur pizza … the recipe the clicks n the entire post urges me to try my hands on it asap . The lovely clicks give the wonderful idea of the aroma that would have filled ur house !!!

  • Now you have me at some homemade pizzas! LOok so good!

  • The pizza is looking awesome Sandhya, really inviting and perfect for friday evening dinner !

  • Oh your pizza looks super cool ….. lovely clicks too.

  • Wow very tempting pizza,love the black olive toppings…

  • @ Angie… Lets plan a day home .. wot say??

    @ Sonia : It sure is a perfect Fri evening food.. If you have planned for it.. it is no hardwork.. Infact quite easy to do work than a full course Indian meal

  • @ Smitha… You might as well try them in the weekend !! Your family will b all singing praises for the end result 🙂

    @ Satrupa :
    Thanks dearie…

  • Hi Sandhya nice to see u back after long time dear. The Pizza looks so cute.. and urs is the best.. absolutely love the thicker crust and wonderful topping.

  • thats a a yummy one.
    i have to try it sometime

  • Hi Sandya,

    Delicious post dear….
    Pizza looks perfect and cute….
    like to grab from my screen 🙂

  • wow nice Pizza and lovely presentation…. 🙂
    First time to your blog and glad to follow you…


  • Domino's is my FAV..they are very prompt and their online ordering is the BEST..

    Yours looks yummy too Sandhya, i too love my base thicker…

  • home made pizza are the best, they look just fantastic Sandy!

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  • wow..pizaa looks very delicious and made by a professional. Toppings used are my favorite. Will try this for sure.

  • Thanks Anukampa dearie…. Your comment is really making me shy 🙂 Thanks a lot …

    Keep coming!!

  • Wow I order pizza once in a week..never tried a home made version..I will try this

  • Wow I order pizza once in a week..never tried a home made version..I will try this

  • Pizza looks perfect. I am drooling over the pics. It looks so cheesy !! Yum YUM yum !!! Gonna try it soon !!!

  • Wow,looks great and love the photography! I agree with others,yours looks better than theirs 🙂 I always love home made pizza over the ordered one!

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  • Tasty and delicious a prerfect treat.


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