Bread Pinwheel with Jam / Nutella in 10 min

DPP_0006 Sometimes ,somethings taste heaven if served fancily… Just like this pinwheel today.  The jam / nutella sandwitch that we prepare for the lil ones can be made attractive with these bite sized pinwheels . They can just gobble a few running around the house .. Why lil ones?? I found them quite attractive.. They make a lovely party starter at your lil one’s party.. Did I say 10 min to make the pinwheel ? Yes.. Infact its 3 minutes to spread & roll , 5 minutes to rest in the wrapped state and 2 min to cut the pinwheels. Get help from your lil ones to give them the pride of making their own snack..

diptych INGREDIENTS: Wot does this have??? Just 3 ingredients Bread Slices – 6-8 Spreadable Butter Mixed Fruit Jam / Nutella
What special equipment’s do you need? A Rolling Pin Cling film DPP_0014  DIRECTIONS :

  • Cut the edges of the bread slices and roll them thin with a rolling pin. Since I have used Danish bread ( light as a feather … lighter than the white bread) , I have joined 2 bread slices by overlapping the edges with butter between them. Spread your favourite butter or cheese  followed by Jam or Nutella.
  • Roll them carefully from one edge to the other and wrap them with a cling film for 5 min . Repeat the process with the rest of the slices.  Gently unwrap the bread roll and cut them into bite sized pinwheels.
  • Enzoy the pinwheels with your lil ones..
  • For simple variations , use Green chutney or Salad Cream as a spread .If you kids like  , Spread ghee and sugar and make pinwheels with them too..

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