Guest Post on Yummy Food– Photography Post on Background & Props

Hello December !!! You are officially here !!! How quick this year has fleet that we are at the fag end of the year .. Another 25 days to Christmas , countdown begins. Christmassy fever has hit the streets since Halloween … High street is already flooded with the shoppers working on their A grade wish list of presents ..Time to bring up the Christmas tree , decorations , time to work on the party list and get together… My lil one is already practicing to sing at the performance from his nursery .. Also has come up with a list of 50 friends for Christmas cards…  I need to plan to make a goody bag for his scintillating key workers who have a major part in his learning every day.. With thanksgiving ending in US , frenzy sale slowly starts to begin in UK and it continues all until mid Jan.. How can anyone resist ???  Well I m … trying not to indulge in any deals  at least until Boxing Day and saving from being in traps of ever tempting offers on apparels and footwear !!!! Before I get any further ,I will  leave you to explore the deals in UK… Lubna from Yummy Food  invited me over for a guest post and I rapidly accepted it ,but with a delay for few months..

A long holiday was lined up then.  A few seconds later, when I read Photography guest post.. and I was stupefied… thinking , would I be in a position to formulate one ??   Appreciate Lubna for her patience and all the more for giving me an opportunity to rant my experience. I don’t think,my space needs any introduction on growth and scale. It has matured from a personal chart out space to being Sandhya’s Kitchen. It has all happened with time, routine and regular visits from my fellow bloggers . PRACTICE !!! PRACTICE & PRACTICE !!! is my motto…  Make every possible effort to use up the occasion … I m  a novice photographer & food blogger .. and have made a noble attempt in transforming my learning’s into a post. I wish to attend a  professional photography course one day and then rant about it in my space . All my hands on learning with this gawky gadget , has given me a new outlook to photography and I m positively loving it. Backgrounds create a dramatic effect to the images … whereas the props can make or break an image. Need to be careful while selecting the props and setting up the background. We need not have a full table spread to showcase the deliciously tasting  aloo methi curry ( dry potato fenugreek curry) . Just the curry with the right garnish ,served in an appropriate bucket with a co ordinate liner/napkins and silverware will do the needful . Mm… Are you enchanted by my easy peesy Aloo Methi curry ? _MG_0835 Do take whatever applies right for you and leave the rest .Feel free in sharing your training with me and trust me , I will take every bit of it. On this very note , I leave you to read the rest of the post at Lubna’s space .

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