O ..Orange Juice

Spring has begun , the Sun is shining and its bright and blooming outside !!!
Garden Centre’s are getting spruced up welcoming new and little visitors like us. Mums  Dad’s have begun to lawn move in an attempt to make it their laundered garden ever. So whenever transient visitors come around, they  are definitely tumultous  and wooed.  Easter break has begun.. So kids together at home are competely struck by boredom. Lil V. V is a 6 years old kid who likes to do cool stuff.. Have you got a definition of cool in your dictionary ? 

 Coloring with crayons is not soo cool. 
 Helping mama in the kitchen is not soo cool again.. 
 Watching Tele is boring ( aah for a change)
 Doing Maths is nice but easy peesy.. so again not soo cool… 
 Using I pad/ I phone  is doubtlessly cool ( I dont find it cool though like a typical moma)
 Going out is absolutely NOT cool.. 

What shall we doo??
Gazing at the fruit basket while lost in this COOL Vs Not SO COOL conversation with my Lad , I see a pack of Sweet Navel Oranges smiling at me saying ” Pick Me !! Pick Me !”  In a way reminding me that I have forgotten its existence… Offcourse not … my beau pie.
This in a way schemed an Idea in my mind . How about Orange Juice….?? And V rapidly agreed .He finds it COOL n CLASSY  thingy to do.

What can be more satisfying and thirst quenching than a freshly made orange juice ???


A no brainer recipe ..Here it is !! Dont you agree ? Absolutely kids friends and the whole process kept V occupied for an hour or so. We first got onto writing the essential ingredients..


Then mama did cutting the oranges into half n half. A little after that , my sous chef went on to place one half orange on my philips citrus juicer and with gentle pressure did one after the other.. A squeeze of lemon juice on to it.. by placing on the citrus maker and sugar to taste. We used 3 tsp.

Alternatively you could use honey ! Since V likes sugar we went on the way he enjoys!

A quick snap on the ingredients and directions below , if you are not keen in reading the gabblings and my kith & kin memoir.


Sweet Navel Oranges6 Large Nos
Lemon Juice1 tsp
Sugar 3 tsp
Honey Optional


  • Squeeze the oranges by hand or gently roll them on your counter . This will soften the oranges .
  • Slice the oranges into half and half . I have used NAVEL oranges and they are seedless.
  • Place one half on your manual citrus maker or on your electric citrus maker , like the one we have used in the pic above and gently give a pressure to coax out all the juice out. 
  • Repeat the process with the rest of the oranges. 
  • During the process we placed a half of lemon and squeezed it out too.. approximately 1 tsp and then stirred in sugar after all the process was done. Though the oranges claimed sweet.. , we did not feel the sweetness as usual and we incorporated sugar. You could alternatively use honey for sweetness. All depends on the sweetness of the oranges.
  • My kids did not enjoy the pulp , so I strained out the juice just enough for them . H and me sipped it just the way it is!!

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  • Orange juice, my favourite..Love to start my day with it.. Wonderful to see those lil hands are helping u.

  • Than you Priya….

  • What a beautiful way to start your day. Fresh !! Beautiful

  • loving the new look of the blog sandhya and gorgeous picures

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  • So cuteee! I love your blog and the way you have written the post. Good to see your lil one helping out. I love orange juice and I usually buy KDD Harvest’s orange juice as I have seen that most of the other orange juices are bitter. After reading your post I am tempted to try this with my lil princess. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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