The C3 – Coconut Curry leaves Chutney – Accompaniment for Dosa’s /Idli’s

Chutney’s are such a fab accompaniment. It jazz’s up the food in minutes.. A total highlight along with papad’s or popadam’s served as starters.. or along with a curry .. Its a misconception that a chutney is a spicy side accompaniment. Instead I call chutney as a companion to any bland dish because its flavour packed in that tiny little bowl served.

Any South Indian home must be having Dosa’s – the lentil pancake and Idly’s – the lentil doughnuts for breakfast .They are served with an ala carte of chutneys if you have guests .. lol . I mean it.. When you are by yourself at home, we mostly serve with one chutney two chutney’s at the max and along with dosa milagaipodi as its always readily available in the pantry.  If not chutney’s , a seasoned potato masala is made and its wholesome !!

Mornings here are awefully buzy . Everyone is running helter sklelter trying to get to their respective den’s by 8.30 am .We do not have time for any elaborate breakfast..So its Cornflakes or Bread for breakfast.. But I dont mind making it for V and S quickly for their brekafast as they enjoy it with sugar..
But again !! We have these pan cakes for dinner and with an ala carte chutney..  I just dont feel like stopping with one . Hence the portions mentioned below is the measurement when you have more than one chutney.
Recipe for Dosa Milagai podi is there in my space. Find the link here.
Also if you are looking for the recipe of Tomato Onion Chutney , find the link here.

This recipe is kids friendly and absolutely flavorable.

Time Taken 15 Minutes 
Serves 2


For grinding

100gm Frozen Grated Coconut
1 green chilli
1 inch ginger
10 nos curry leaves
3/4 tsp of salt
1/2 Cup of water – adjust accordingly to suit your consistency

For seasoning

1 tblspn coconut oil/sunflower oil
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp urd dal
3-4 curry leaves


  •  Defrost the grated coconut in the microwave until it gets soft. Follow the instructions according to your manufacturer’s guide or alternatively set it outside an hour before you want to make the chutney.
  • In your small jar of the mixer grinder , add all the ingredients for grinding other than the water. Pulse them a couple of times until well combined. Slowly add water , little by little and pulse your mixer again . Check if the suitable consistency is achieved. If its still quite lumpy, add more water and a quick whizz. Empty them all into your serving bowl.
  •  Prepare the kadai for
    tempering by heating one tea spoon of oil. Drop all the ingredients
    under the tempering table other than curry leaves, allow the mustard seeds to crackle.As soon as mustard does it job, add the curry leaves. Turn off
    the gas and season the prepared chutney with the tempering. Give the seasoning a stir into the chutney just before serving. 


    • I have used dried curryleaves in my preparation. Hence it does not look green.
    • The frozen grated coconut tastes just as the fresh grated coconut. I find it easier and a lot more handy in my cooking. It is easily available in the frozen section of your Indian Stores.
    • Dessicated coconut tastes a lot different than the fresh grated coconut . Personally I do not prefer in my regular cooking.

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