Methi Thepla | Fenugreek leaves flatbread

Thepla’s are a favourite snack flatbread delicatessen from the state of Gujrat in India. There are many varieties of Thepla like Spinach Thepla ,Coriander ones,Carrot Thepla,Dudhi thepla and more..

Methi Theplas are flatbreads made with fresh Methi/Fenugreek leaves.Light ,healthy and an appetising snack that is perfect for picnics, day trips or long trips.I remember carrying them to Switzerland too,a decade years before ,and eating them for 3 days. This mildly spiced savoury flatbread is foolproof on its own or some readymade ketchup,pickle and curd.

Roll it and gobble them up !!!

Thepla’s are a great way of including greens and yogurt in the form of a flatbread, all in a roll, straight into their diet to treat your little ones at home or pack their lunches for school. My son V who is a fussy eater enjoyed his first encounter with thepla’s . He did not refuse !! Isnt this an accomplishment for mum’s like us ??

I had received an email from Indus Ladies about Kids Lunch Box Recipes event. What a perfect timing of the event invite.All the recipes sent for the event gets compiled into an e-Recipe Book.I am so damn glad that this recipe of mine will be a part of many little kiddos daily diet.

Indus Ladies Kids lunch box recipes


Yields 24-26 Thepla’s

Ingredients :

1 Bunch of Methi : cleaned, washed n chopped finely- Rougly 1 cup

2 Cups of Wheat flour

1 tsp Turmeric

1 tsp Chilli powder or  2 Green chilli crushed ( Optional)

3/4-1 tsp  Cumin Powder

1/2 tsp Ajwain

1/2 tsp Asfoetida/Hing

Salt to taste

3/4 -1 Cup Yogurt

1 tbsp.Oil

More Oil for cooking the thepla’s

***If you are cooking for kids , omit the Ajwain and reduce the chilli powder
by half.

* Cup size referred here is an IKEA sized CUP.


  • In a large dry mixing bowl, add the wheat flour also known as Aata and other
    dry. Make a large deep dip in the middle of the flour and now add yogurt. If the
    yogurt is quite thick, dilute it with 1/4th portion of water.
  • Knead the dough for atleast 2 minutes until all the flour and yogurt has
    combined. Add the oil on your palm and let it drip over the dough too. Doing
    this helps to remove the sticky dough off your hand ,as you knead the dough for
    another 5 minutes. Set it aside for at least 30 minutes .
  • I have used an Ikea Cup for measurement. This dough yields me 24-26

  •  Make small equal portions of the dough in the size of a ping pong
    ball. I would portion the dough in a size that fits inside my palm. A size
    similar to the size of chapatti dough.
  • Lightly oil your palm and pinch out small 5-6 equal sized dough balls.

  •  Taking one dough ball at a time,Flatten these balls with your palm, dust with whole wheat flour and roll out 5-6 inches. If the dough begins to stick, dust
    some more flour and roll out.
  • Cook the thepla on a tava/skillet, until the dough changes color and looks
    dry. Flip it over, using a spatula and you should find it slightly golden brown.Apply few drops of oil and cook it all the way through by gently pressing with the spatula on either side.

  • Repeat the process with the rest of the dough. As you make the thepla’s
    ,store them in a casserole to keep it soft and warm.Serve the hot theplas with aloo jeera,yogurt and pickle.When you are serving your little ones, just roll it in a tissue and give it to them or serve it with some ketchup and yogurt.

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  • I love making my own flatbreads, but this is a really good twist on them.

  • Love your snaps,thepla is my mind for long time and this one looks perfect,very flavorful it must be with fresh methi

  • i love the background you have used here.. i suck at making theplas..or for that matter any sort of rotis

  • Yeah sure it is Dannii!! A healthy twist and quite flavourable one its own.

  • Thanks Harini M !!! It is indeed very flavourful..

  • Thanks Nisha. Flatbreads are my comfort zone..
    This particular background is road picked on my way back from school.

  • Your aromatic flat-bread looks absolutely stunning, can't wait to try them out. 😀

  • Hi Sandhya,

    I have a question. I saw some other thepla recipes and all of them had some besan in them. Yours doesn’t, then how different is it from methi parathas?


    • Hi Aparna,
      Somehow I have never added besan in my thepla’s. However I do add some Besan when I make Coriander Roti.. And I find adding besan makes a thicker roti..

      • Ah okay. I’ll try both versions :-). Love your photography!


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