Event | Sangria and Tapas Dining Experience with Iphone 6 & Three Mobile

A week ago, I had a lovely opportunity to dine and dream with 8 pretty gals over Sangria and Tapas at Tramontana Brindisa, a restaurant set up in Shoreditch serving speciality dishes from Spanish Mediterranean.I had been swooning at the ambience in the restaurant for a while, until I started on Sangria.Such a casual & friendly atmosphere with the decor being simple and inviting. It was indeed an experience with all the dramatic dishes that graced the table and not to forget the red and the white sangria. A must taste for people who have not had it before. I loved the red!!! White was good too.  Now definitely need to think which was better than the best.

To click the pictures on that wintery drizzly evening, I was sublet an iPhone 6 to do it. Three Mobile had invited me to a foodie event to celebrate their Feel at Home Tariff with a difference.  I was told to just walk in and enjoy the evening , with no gadgets to mark the evening. For the very first time, I was in a restaurant with some amazing food and inspiring people and there was no SLR tagged with me. I was quite skeptical too, if I can do pictures and will it live up to the mark . Having used  older versions of iPhone over a few years, I knew they do a great job in day light. Being an evening with warm lights turned on , wasn’t that sure . But the Phone did live up to its mark.The reason we had been asked to leave our cameras behind was because the new iPhone 6 comes with an 8MP iSight camera with Focus Pixels (the 6
plus also has optical image stabilisation), and is perfect for carrying
with you on the go. One doesn’t really need a p&s if you carry an iPhone 5 and onwards!

A fancy phone over a fancy dinner was a theme to encourage come dine with Three.Three mobile is supporting its customers to feel at home , yet travel to Spain and 16 other destinations . They are allowing their customers to use their allowance to call and text the UK and use your data without paying a penny more. What more can you ask for? Aren’t you feeling at home, away from home !!! To know more , read here.
I am soo much tempted to migrate from my existing provider to Three .

Over Three , most of them were dining over a set menu provided. Being a vegetarian by choice, the restaurant was courteous in bringing me a completely tailored vegetarian menu. There was soo many things I was served with all the complicated names, all that I could remember was they were yummy and quite delectable. On requesting my fellow dinner, Letizia  who speaks Spanish, she kindly emailed me all the detailed names. Here it is , in her very own words !!!Thank you Letizia .

  • Ensalada con tomate y queso (Green salad
    with tomato and cheese)
  • Bomba (Mash potato, vegetables and Mahon
    Cheese croquet with tomato sauce)
  • Pimientos de piquillo rellenos (Piquillo
    peppers stuffed with mix vegetables)
  • Canalons Casolans (Flat pasta filled with
    spinach, goat curd, pine nuts and raisins)
  • Crema Catalana
  • Arroz con leche (Spanish rise pudding) 

Spanish Rice Pudding was alright . They taste very similar to our traditional rice pudding but flavoured with Cinamon and slightly watery. The highlight over the dessert was the Crema Catalana. We re-lived our years as kids over the dessert. Giulia and self couldn’t resist tapping the crispy crystal layer with the back of the spoon and then dig in the creamy dessert. “Mummy needs to behave in a restaurant now ” that’s exactly how V would have commented if he had accompanied me. An evening, so memorable over Three, over an iPhone 6, over Sangria & Tapas and over all the transportation to Italy, Spain and India just on a table.

 Disclaimer: All the opinion expressed here are of my own and are under no influence.

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