Baking | Some more Brownies

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Couple of things have been running in the background.I have been wanting to promulgate about two of my recent expeditions. My post on Anzac Biscuits has been published in 3 of our Local Magazines in the November edition- Sunbury Matters, Shepperton Matters and Village Matters. Its quite a swell feeling in mind and gives some usaid satisfaction as these magazines are circulated in around 12000 houses locally. Secondly, I have become a featured contributor to Sweet n Spicy App. This app is available for free in Android and Apple. Do download them in your mobile gadgets and browse over 100’s of recipes.

Necessity is the mother of invention..And this recipe of Cake like, slightly crusty on the surface like Brownie is just out of a little goof up. And I am joyous as this blooper happened with no compensation on flavours. Divine and complete to relinquish your pallete with these cake like chocolate brownies.There are more brownie recipes in my blog – Hershey’s Brownies, Ghiraldelli Brownies , My favourite Brownies

With respect to the pictures in this post, I had clicked them at about 4pm evening BST in the month of December. There was barely any daylight left. Hence got just  3-4 decent pictures that I could share. Picture data for the first image is ISO 800 , 50mm ,0.4sec at f / 2.5. You can imagine …

Prep Time: 15
Baking Time : 25
85g  Plain Flour
Caster Sugar
Unsalted Butter
2 Large
Cocoa Powder
Vanilla Extract
ΒΌ tsp
Baking Powder
Chocolate Chips
  • Preheat
    the fan assisted oven to 350 F, gas mark 4. Line a 9” Baking pan with a
    parchment paper cross wise extending it all the way up. This will help
    us to pull the paper out of the pan once the brownie cools down. 
  •  In a large mixing bowl, cream butter sugar and
    vanilla essence together. Whisk the egg, one at a time, Stir in the
    flour, baking powder and cocoa powder with a wooden spoon, mixing the
    batter well. Fold in chocolate chips.
  • Spread
    the batter into the prepared pan and bake it for 20-25 Minutes. My
    brownie came out batter-clean, when I inserted the skewer at 25 minutes.
  • Allow
    them to cool down. Cut the brownie bake into size that suits you. I got
    25 bite sized brownie pieces.

Freelancer Food Photographer, Recipe Developer & Food Stylist

Comments (6)

  • Awesome cookies. Lovely presentation πŸ™‚

  • Your brownies look so yum…beautifully photographed…

  • Thanks alot Ritu .. They are brownies dear :)) lol

  • thank you for visiting my space Rani. do try them when u get a chance.

  • so beautifully pictured… even in that dim light! Brownies are brownies, whatever said an done… hehe… and congrats on all your achievements and wishing u many more… πŸ™‚

  • The occasion calls for a double congrats:) And for the low light conditions, I think you have fared pretty well. The brownies look gorgeous!


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