Mango Lemonade Recipe

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Try this perfect Mango Lemonade for a refreshing drink this Summer ! A must try recipe recommended for all, who love mangoes and a hint of lemon.
Mango Lemonade

The weather in UK is unpredictable. I am not sharing any new fact here.. It has been known for centuries. We visited Spain two weeks ago and the weather was hot , a little bit humid , but totally worth it, getting dressed down in shorts , skirts ,dresses , crocs , hitting the beach and getting basked in the sun. That Tuesday night , when we landed back at London Heathrow, the pilot announced the wind was 35 Mph earlier that evening and it had calmed down to 22 Mph. Sigh !! Still it was terribly breezy and cold , waiting those 10 minutes for the cab to arrive. We covered ourselves with our first hoody layers , still shivering inside them. The Taxi arrived . With heaters switched on, inside the car , we were all feeling cozy and slowly getting to normal.


Mango Lemonade


Mango Lemonade

Two days after, the Sun is  still shining bright again, with no signs of  stormy winds or dark overcast.  Well that’s the weather in UK ! When the sky is all clear , with sun shining bright , I like to put on my aviators and go for a stroll to pick my elder one from school , rather than driving down. Good days like this doesnt last very long but surely brings out the best in us and helps us push our boundries…  Did I mention before , the prop boards I paint has a deep connection with weather .
This post is yet another picture heavy post . For an elaborate virtual treat join me further ahead !

When the sun is shining bright and the lawn is inviting me to spend some time there, I ended up painting a yellow and white combination board. You will see it in my next post !! When the cloud  had completely overcast ed , still a bright day, I painted a blue-green board . I am in love with this board and it has been inspired with Simi’s Tutorial. On another day , sometime two weeks ago , when I was all set to try my hands-on on a new board , I painted them in tones of grey .. and can you believe the sky had a dark overcast and had feel, it would rain any minute.. So I spent time in my garage working on it … I am not sure about the other part of the world, but in UK for sure ,everything depends on how lovely bright ,dark ,cloudy or rainy  it is ! All our actions / activities are totally biased on it. First thing that 99% people would talk about it is how gorgeous or how terrible the weather is !!

Mango Lemonade

SO when the day was bright and slight warm , I decided to treat everyone at home with a Mango Lemonade. A recipe that has been in my to do list for a year+. For the first time ever, I actually  drove down to the super market to buy an ingredient for my blog post.. And it was Lemons for the Mango Lemonade . I am soo soo glad I did it and the outcome of my shoot brought out a big smile on my face. The Lemonade was also absolutely refreshing , everyone absolutely loved it !!! A must try recipe recommended for all, who love mangoes and a hint of lemon.
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Prep Time : 10 Minutes | Total Time Taken : 20 Minutes
Mango Lemonade


2 Cups (500 ml ) Kesari Mango Pulp
½ Cup Sugar
¾ Cup of Water
Squeeze of 1 Large Lemon
Mint leaves for garnishing


  1. To
    prepare sugar syrup, combine sugar along with water and cook over medium
    heat until the sugar dissolves. Remove from heat and allow it to cool
  2. Since
    I have used smooth Mango Pulp, I have combined the lemon juice, mango
    pulp and ¾ quantity of sugar syrup and given it a good stir. Increased
    the sugar syrup if you like it a little sweeter. Add 1 Cup of ice cubes
    just before serving.
  3. Pour the
    chilled Mango Lemonade in glasses, sliced lemon circles and garnish with
    mint leaves.


If you are using fresh Mangoes, peel the skin off and
blend them to obtain a puree. Measure the quantity out to 2 Cups.
If you are finding the lemonade too thick, add some cold
water to obtain a suitable consistency.

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