Watermelon Juice – Summer coolant Drink

Water Melon Juice

Drinks mania continues…

Something I did not expect to do it in a row 🙂 During my Weekend Indian Grocer trip , the large sliced Watermelons caught my eyes.. I really don’t know for what , but I kept debating with self, whether to buy or not to.. This fruit has been my absolute favorite in my Bangalore days.. Friends and family visiting home , would be treated to a virgin Water Melon Juice for sure , if not slices.. I remember getting a few cousins addicted to this hydrating fruit too..  But sadly after we moved to UK , ever since then , I have lost my addiction .. touch…
Only when the summer comes , do I get to spot this Green skinned with a red pulp fruit. My non stop banter within myself continued and finally I loaded a 2 Kg piece in my car. I had then realized, my missy has never been exposed to this..

Water Melon

As we unloaded the boot full of rarely found grocery – Lol  . I meant to say that we don’t find it locally , she looks at this fruit , with a puzzled look asks me ” What is it called Amma? ” Gently slided her fringe of her face and said .. ” Yummy Yumm – Water Melon “.. She looks at the seeds and says nah.. Seeds.. Shreya can’t eat Watermelon seeds in them. I find it soo cute and innocent… Sliced a couple of pieces and got the seeds out … and placed it in a plate for her. Seeing H and me drool and enjoy our slices, she picked her plate and tried her slices. Its tasty !!

WaterMelon Juice

Sometimes.. the need for the little ones to like something , but knowing the fact forcing is going to turn them off is total anxiety as parents. One successful Water Melon mission.
 The remaining One Kilo went into the blender and out came the Juice . Did I tell you the new set of glasses and the apparatus kind of bottle is my loot from the weekend car boot Sale ?

There are a few Summer coolant Beverages in my blog  – Mango Lassi , Mango Lemonade, Pineapple Juice , Orange Juice , Masala Chaas. They are all easy breezy and can be made up in a jiffy.


Preparation – 10 Min |  Serves 3 -4
Watermelon Juice


1 Kg Water Melon approximately
Lemon Juice as needed
Salt to taste
Black Salt as needed
Mint to garnish
Ice cubes if needed.


 Slice the watermelon, de seed and chop them
into pieces. In a blender jar, add the watermelon pieces and salt and blend
it well until smooth. Do not add water, as this fruit is full of natural
Sprinkle some black salt, lemon juice and
give it a good stir.
For serving, fill your glasses with a few
ice cubes, pour watermelon juice and garnish with Mint leaves before serving.
Sometimes when we enjoy it plain , we just
add the desired salt to the watermelon juice and serve it as it is ..

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