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Monbento Original

Growing up in Mumbai, our schooling lasted for just 5 hours a day in contrast to a lot of other cities around India. We would make it on time for Lunch at home or leave for school after Lunch, depending on your schooling hours. My early years used to be timed between 1pm to 6 pm and my secondary schooling would be in early hours between 7.30 am to 12.30 pm. This routine demanded us to carry a small snack in our tiffin dabbas. Dabba is an Indian term to refer Lunch Boxes.

We used to call it tiffin , as we never carried any main course in them and it used to be some sort of mini bites/sandwiches /roti’s rolled with jam or some form of healthy or junky snacks.
There was no scope to carry a large stacking tiffin carrier to School , whilst in Mumbai..

Monbento Original
Monbento Original

It was altogether a different story , when my dad was transferred to Chennai just after I cleared my 10th Grade ( as we call it GCSE , in UK) . I was all prepared and excited to begin my formal College in Mumbai, but all my hopes shattered .. We all relocated as a family and I had to attend formal schooling . Yes you read it right.. 11th &12th Standard is completed at school in Chennai , in contrast to an exhilarant University in Mumbai..
Schooling hours were longer with Uniform in line.  A minimum of 7 hours and sometimes a Zero hour . It was completely new and something that took a while to digest and accommodate…  Longer schooling hours demanded full-fledged lunch box and snack box. Many of my classmates would bring in varieties of Rice – Sambar rice, Curd rice , Biryani and so forth.. and something else for a snack. All this would get stacked in steel containers with a tight locking system on either side. Some would carry the newly introduced ‘then’ Tupperware containers.

Whilst a few , who were new to the city , like me would bring food from different cuisines and some of them were my close friends 🙂 . Since my first 15 years of my life were in Mumbai, my food habits had so much of influence from the city .. I could never imagine or carry a Rice dish in my Lunchbox to school . It had to be a Sandwich or Roti Sabji.  I enjoy Steaming Idlies ( Lentil Doughnuts ) and Hot Dosa’s ( Lentil Crepe) straight from the pan  but couldn’t imagine having them in my Lunch box again. There has been occasional spotting of the Lentil savouries in my lunchbox , when Amma( fondly as I call my Mum) would have sent it without mentioning much about it.. Though I would eat them , I wouldn’t enjoy them and have a long weary face when I return home.
Those were my tales of lunchbox and dabba day’s.

When you read words like Bento , Lunchboxes just got special and so forth  in your inbox, I was tempted to read further.I was transported to my schooling and university days.  I could hardly ‘Decline’, when Formahouse asked me if I would like to review the ‘new’ popular Lunchbox on their website , Monbento Original. Monbento Products were not knew to me. It was earlier this year that I was introduced to Monbento Tresor and its bag – Pochette. It has been so much of an experience , packing the right portions of carb,protein & dessert. They were kind to send me two of MB Original – One for my missy and one for my lad in Aqua Blue and Kiwi Color.

About the Product :
Monbento is the brainchild of French physiotherapist Emilie Creuzieux. Japanese-culture obsessed, and determined to discover the best way to eat lunch on the go, she conceptualized the modern bento box. Bento-mania took off in France and now, these adorable lunch boxes are available in the U.S,UK and Europe.

First of their collections designed is MB Original , consists of 2 Air tight containers, a small container and a wide elastic Logo strap that keeps the food in place. It is made in stronger high-quality plastic with a “soft-touch” finish, the new lunchbox combines sturdiness and style.

 To vary your meals and open compartments more easily, the intermediary lid has also been improved and is now 100% airtight ! And because ease of use is an obsession for Monbento the new MB Original is now fully microwave ready (thanks to a little silicone cap in the intermediary lids) and dishwasher safe.
 MB Original bento won two design award : Gia Award and Reddot Design Award


Monbento Original

Undertstanding the constraints of having to eat quickly during lunch breaks and sometimes at impractical locations, the Monbento brand sought to combine efficiency, nutrition and ecology. Monbento Original is targeted to an audience of older generation of kids, teens ,working men &women and anyone. Years where they need small portions of everything, compactly fitted , yet smart. Gone are the days, when kids/teens carry multiple containers all  stacked up inside their lunch bag.  In today’s new generation, most of us look forward to all in one, on the go Combo box and this is the One! The only upgrade, I will look forward in them is the height by teeny weeny cm’s. It falls short to fit in tiniest of the yogurt pots, available in the market. Since I send them to school , I haven’t had the opportunity to microwave and test the waters. Hence cannot comment on its ability.

Having said that , We are all in love with the Stylish , Smart , Super looking Special lunch box . The kids would take privilege in carrying on the go lunch box to School . We had a picnic lunch the other day and my missy loved her new cuddly contemporary lunch box.
What did I pack in it ?
In the bottom Container –  Tomato Sandwich with a Garlic Cheese Spread.
In the Top Container – Dessert, Handful of Grapes and some crisps

I am looking forward to invest on their Pop Up bag , Classic Salad on the go and MB Insulated Bottle whenever I get back to full time work.


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  • Super cute lunch box! I would have preferred it with a handle though. Easy to carry it around!

  • Hi! Does this keep food warm? or cold? Or is it just for packing lunches?

  • Is this good for teenagers and will I be able to pack a good full lunch ???


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