Fruit Ice Cubes – Kids friendly task


Fruit Ice cubes

Very rarely I would draft a post the day I click pictures.. With a never ending list of pending tasks in my daily schedule, I would take 3 days to complete a post usually.
Since this post didn’t not demand an elaborate affair, I decided to jump the queue of posts and get this up straight away. No banters , straight to the point.

I am planning to work on a set of mocktail recipes over the weekend so as a matter a fact I wanted some fruit ice cubes to jazz up the look and feel of the drink. I picked up 2 ice trays of different shapes and one mini muffin mould.  Preparing these ice cubes can be done with the kiddos of any age. Bet they will enjoy. My toddler, aged 3 and the so called big boy had fun doing them . It is as simple as it looks !


2 Ice Trays of shapes of your choice
1 Mini Muffin Mould for larger fruits
Fruits Used – Pomegranate , Strawberry and some Lemon.
Enough water to fill into the mould

In each of the Ice tray space, pop in fruits of your choice in small portions and fill water to the brim. Place it carefully into the freezer and wait for them to set. Fruit Ice cubes are ready .
If you want to make strawberry ice cubes – slice the strawberry into two halves. Slice the lemon into thin pieces and place them in the muffin mould. Fill water upto half the mould , else the Fruit ice would be oversized.
They can be added to your pitcher, glass of water, cocktails or mocktails.

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  • Very testy and refreshing recipe.keep it up.!!

  • Very innovative and kids friendly!

  • love all the shot esp. with the kido pouring in water …cool idea of fruit ice cubes…love it

  • Will definitely try that with Avi when he understands that not everything goes straight in the mouth 😀


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