Mumbai’s Vegetable Sandwich

Mumbai's Vegetable Sandwich


It was an Instant Yes !! Early last week, the iconic bread maker – Hovis wrote to me about the New loaves – ” Good Inside”, if at all I wanted to review.I doubt anyone was shy away from such a lovely opportunity, that too when its your daily ” BREAD”.

Bread remains one of the UK’s favourite foods with 99% of households buying bread and the equivalent of nearly 12 million loaves are sold each day. By switching to Hovis Good Inside™*, parents can serve up a healthier loaf for their family, providing them with naturally sourced omega-3 from seeds, wheatgerm containing 14 essential vitamins & minerals**, and fibre.  Omega-3 is commonly found in walnuts, flaxseeds and olive oil too. Hovis has added Omega 3, sourced naturally from seeds, to their new Good Inside™* range making it easier and tastier to consume this essential nutrient.

And we are no different .Bread is a essential in my household, be it for breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner. Kids love their Nutella and Peanut Smothered sandwiches on its own. We love them for a savoury Bread Upma or Bread Pakora or even the sandwiches. I made my favourite sandwiches yet again with the Hovis “Good Inside” soft bread.

Placing Cucumber slices over spread coriander chutney on the bread.

In today’s post , I am glad to share with you one of my favorite classic recipe, that I have grown up eating every other week in Mumbai. Be it at home or when the food cart guy comes around to your colony or even your food joint in markets. The Amul Butter that the telawala( cart guy ) would smother on the bread made the difference. I still don’t get the 100% match because of the butter, I use in Uk.
There is a Sandwich corner situated near Vile Parle station in Mumbai. If ever u r hanging out there for any reason, a visit to the sandwich hub is a must. They make the most delicious sandwiches I have ever had! The also sell an exclusive sandwich powder to sprinkle , instead of the chat powder.


Mumbai’s Vegetable Sandwich

Serves 4 | Total Time Taken 30 Minutes

Mumbai's Veg Sandwich
Mumbai’s Veg Sandwich
8 White Bread Slices
Coriander Chutney
Cucumber, sliced thin
Onions , sliced thin
Tomatoes, sliced thin
Boiled Potatoes, sliced thin
Boiled Beetroot, sliced thin ( optional)
Chat powder to sprinkle
Tomato Ketchup to serve
Salted spreadable butter
For Coriander Chutney
1 cup tightly packed Coriander leaves
2 Green chillies
approximately 1/2 tsp salt
Handful of peanuts
Lemon Juice of half a lemon.
To prepare Coriander chutneyadd all the ingredients in the blender and whizz until you get a smooth spread. Squeeze the lemon juice, mix them and taste. Season with more salt if needed.
Assembling the Sandwich
Spread the butter lavishly on both the slices of bread. Top it with coriander chutney. Arrange in layers of cucumber,tomato, onion, potato rings & beetroot slices on the bottom slice of the bread. Sprinkle some chat powder . Top it with the other slice . Cut them in squares or triangles, just as u enjoy. Serve immediately with ketchup.
I had run out of beetroot and hence did not add it to my sandwich.
You could make a double decker sandwich by adding an extra layer of bread to two sliced sandwich . Fill them in between with chutneys and potato rings.
If chat powder is not available at home , a good decent seasoning of salt and pepper will do the needful. Chat powder is easily available to buy across any Indian grocer.


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  • My god, this sandwich makes me hungry..

  • I love mumbai sandwich, it's so simple and yet tastes delicious! In love with your photos dear.

  • I love this sandwich! Once a week, I order it from a cafe close to our office, it is simple yet filling, never made them at home though I know they are easy to make… as usual, eye pleasing pictures…


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