Home made Pizza Sauce from Scratch

Home made Pizza Sauce from Scratch

Why should you hide your curves when you can flaunt it ??

Likewise cookware range have also gone way too modernised,colourful and stylish, that I do not see a reason why we lock away the cooking pots and pans in the cupboard. Gone are the day when we find only monotones colors in the cookware.The red and earthen tones in saucepans, woks & ceramics remind me of autumn.

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The copper collection are in range, anytime of the year And they embark a grace in your kitchen..  How about some jazzing up some green’s to enjoy a touch of Spring/ Summer in this cold autumn weather, when the tree’s are actually shedding their leaves ?

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I have a whole list of things to put together, when we decide to build a dream kitchen /house.Here’s a board from  Melissa Wong’s collection that reflect the colors of the season.

Autumn Spice

How about pulling out the red’s from your stack and brighten up the season. And a warm Pizza baked from your oven to complement the chillness outside.Well I do intend to bake my pizza soon as its one of our family favourites.. The much deserved school term break is in force, we ( kids and me) are taking our day , just in its stride. I made my batch of Pizza Sauce ahead in time today and am just loving it. Its flavorsome and herb infused.

Home made Pizza Sauce from Scratch

The bright vibrant Sauce to compliment the autumn colours is easy to make and it does give us a herald of the oncoming weather.

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1 Kg Vine Tomatoes
80g Onions ( rougly 1 Number)
60g Carrots
60g Celery
3 cloves Garlic
4-5 Tblspn of Concentrated Tomato Puree
1 Tsp of Oregano
10-12 Basil Leaves along with the stock
Salt & Pepper to season
Sugar – 1/2 a pinch
2 Tblspn of Olive Oil
Heat Olive Oil in a large pan, add crushed garlic , followed by finely chopped onions, carrots and celery giving a minute in between each addition. Saute them all together until Onion is translucent.
Add this stage add chopped Vine tomatoes,allow the whole thing to cook until the tomatoes get soft. Cover the pan with a lid while doing so as the tomatoes could splutter. Add tomato puree in between. This render’s the sauce the ting of colour. Some Sugar too , to counter the acidic flavour.
When the tomatoes are relatively soft, the skin begins to peel, turn off the flame and  Basil leaves along with the stalk and set it aside to cool.
Puree them all together, season with oregano ,salt and pepper as needed.
Store them away in an airtight container into the fridge. it will stay fresh for a week.
Alternatively if you are unsure whether you would finish the sauce in a week, store a portion in the freezer  for a later use. Defrost them and your pizza sauce is ready to go anytime.
If you are more concerned with the color of the sauce, you might as well reduce fresh tomatoes and add some tomatoes from the tin or increase the proportion of the concentrated tomato puree.





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