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One of those Autumn evenings, late in October I was invited to a Masterclass event with Jarlsberg at the Good Housekeeping Institute and my decision was affirmative instantly! Jarlsberg Cheese was just a label for me until that night and I had never thought of stepping out of my comfort zone to try a new( for me) brand. Sometimes it is easy to stick to your favourite kind as you know it is not going to go bizarre. With Kiddo’s who have their own preferences with cheesy flavours, this was just the right one for me.



The casual meet with Mac n Cheese Demo and a lot of like-minded people was just what a food blogger would look forward too. The masterclass by Signe Johansen & Lucie Bruckner opened up a whole new Scandinavian dimension to making Mac and Cheese with absolutely no Flour. It was an eye opener.  But let me tell you the texture and feel looked just with our béchamel sauce. The essence of Mac and Cheese was loads of butter, Cream Fraiche, double cream and loads of cheese. With the kind of work culture way back there, all that they needed is a no compromise full-fat meal to recoup with all the lost energy.



Unfortunately, I could not taste that delectable drool worthy dish, as the Marconi was cooked in Chicken stock. Information was lost in communication about me being a vegetarian diner and the only one. I am looking forward to the recipe for the Scandinavian style Mac n Cheese so I could share them with my readers soon.
Nevertheless, I still made my own quesadilla with  some spicy sauce base spread on the corn tortilla topped with Sundried tomatoes, spring onions and Nutty Jarlsberg cheese. It was fabulous along with the Avocado salad and the drink.
We yapped non-stop about food, cuisines, Jarlsberg and Drinks with a perfect ambience for the evening.


Jarlsberg has got a History and I was totally immersed as one of the chiefs from the Jarlsberg team was iterating it to me. It was overwhelming to see him narrate how it all began.


Here’s the little piece from antiquity.
The Jarlsberg® story dates as far back as the 1820s when Swiss master cheese makers visited Norway’s Jarlsberg and Laurvig County.
The Swiss were famous for making delicious cheese with holes, and they shared some of their most closely-guarded secrets with a select group of locals.
Over time, the locally-produced Swiss cheese disappeared, but the legend of its memorable taste lived on…
It wasn’t until 1956 that a group of students and scientists at the Agricultural University of Norway made the superb decision to explore these cheese legends… Trawling ancient texts and recipes to create a cheese with fine, round holes and a nutty, delicious taste.
To this day, the Jarlsberg® wheel is made to a secret Norwegian recipe using only the purest fresh milk from small herds… With the secret known by a mere handful of trusted people.
Thank you Jarlsberg for inviting me to a convivial evening and sending my way all the lovely goodies.


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