Cooking with Friends in London

Cooking with Friends in London

My love affair with Tefal began 9 years ago and it still continues. I cannot do much without my Tefal pots & pans and I do mean it. So this event was an ornamentation to my infatuation of Cooking with Friends in London.

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Situated in the lovely suburb of London is Hackney where 6 Food bloggers were invited to a Cook4Me event by Tefal.

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Until we got to that rustic yet the charming house, we were not sure what to expect. We were greeted by the wonderful team at Tefal – they were uber friendly and never felt we haven’t met before. A little gossip in between the available time every now and then just spruced up the day.

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We were split into Two teams for a  friendly FaceOff Cook Up Competition using Tefal’s Cook4Me – The Intelligent Cooker.The cooker has got all the instructions with a recipe on the digital screen that you don’t have to worry much losing a recipe booklet. There are about 50 preloaded recipes into the smart gadget and about 30 recipes that can Cook up in just 15 minutes.Also the Cooker can be programmed to cook for 2,4 or 6 people.
Isn’t Cool?  Having said this, you have the flexibility to cook any food you like in Manual Settings.
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At first I wasn’t sure how much could the Cook4Me would be in par of the traditional cooker that can be used on the hob. Basic functionality is the same except the source of energy are different channels.
One fact that it supercedes our good old cooker undoubtedly is that the pressure releases in just a minute. It is next to impossible in our conventional cooker. And this is something that totally blew me up. I seriously wish a Secret Santa comes around bringing me this Intelligent No brainer gadget.

In team, One was Daniella , Maria and myself and we cooked up a Butternut Squash Soup. Sophie, Binita and Meghan were in Team Two and they sizzled up some Asian Pork Meatballs for Starter.


Being a vegetarian, the Soup with bun & cracker was just my thing.

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You can make out when it’s an all girls gang – what would happen? We yapped, giggled about little quirky daily incidents from housework to social media. Boy!! isn’t that quite a variance!

Then came the second bit where we were cooking up the main courses Farmers Chicken was the mains for team two and we cooked up Vegetable sausages and Bean Stew followed by pudding back to back, so we can enjoy the final bit all together.

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The last course of the meal was the Chocolate Pudding and we all went wild with chocolates,cranberries and salted caramel essence.
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Our babbling flowed multidirectional again and it was great that the no mess gadget gave us the time to catch up with each other instead of just clearing up the mess. Girls and Get together on a perfect day like this day couldn’t get any better at all.
It was an absolute pleasure to enjoy a day like this!!




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  • Seems like you had a fab day and I think that Tefal Cook4Me will make a great Christmas present idea for foodies.

  • Indeed Bintu .. Cook4Me is a recommended Christmas gift !! It was soo much of fun with likeminded foodies.

  • The event looks so much fun and your photographs are breathtaking! How do you manage to click pictures in such low light?

  • Looks like you had a great time time there and I love this new set of pictures from this event.

  • Wow…. Wonderful photographs…… I think u had a great day dere….. 🙂 and the gadget is so cool..!

  • Thanks Dol !! The event was indeed a casual one cooking up, chit chatting and above all snapping the cam every now and then !

  • Oh very much Sujatha ! It was an ideal day of the bloggers… 🙂

  • Thanks Remya ! The gadget is an intelligent cooker .. and recommendable.

  • Oh how I would love to live in such a rustic house. Gorgeous Gorgeous pictures, Sandhya.

  • The pictures says how much fun you had in the event and cooking along with your friends is a different experience altogether.

  • The pictures tell me that you enjoyed yourself totally! 🙂

  • Must have been a fun evening Sandhya. All the pics are beautiful. -Sreelatha

  • Love all the pics ,that tell the story of the get together was way too great


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