Blackcurrant Apple Mocktail

Blackcurrant apple mocktail

Blackcurrant Apple Mocktail drink can be shaken up in 10 minutes with Blackcurrant Juice, Limeade concentrate and sparkling apple juice

Never realised that I am enjoying splashing and mix matching the fruit juices and lemonade into a funtasting concoction. When my first assignment to post mocktail recipes came through, I literally went shopping for drinks and the best combo that can fit in… Probably in years for the first time I was hanging around the juices section for a longer duration than normal, that my missy told me – “Lets go ma ” ..We have ticked our list.

Blackcurrant Moktail preparation (1 of 1)-2

Blackcurrant Apple Mocktail (1 of 1)

That weekend I also went prop shopping to my favourite car boot sale that is locally held. Picked a couple of glasses and glass servers, pitchers just for this. My shopping didn’t end there… I found pewter plates, that I have been wanting for months. Finally my long search ended.

In my next party at home, we are going to have an array of mocktails for sure..!!! Today, in this post, I am sharing a mocktail recipe that can be splashed together in less than 5 minutes.. But make sure you have enough ice in your freezer or buy some to have loads before the party.

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Serves 2 | Time Taken 5 Minutes

 Blackcurrant apple mocktail


100ml Blackcurrant Juice

50ml Limeade Concentrate

Appletiser Sparkling Apple Juice

Enough Ice cubes to fill the glasses

Lemon slices

mint leaves for garnish


Combine Blackcurrant Juice, Limeade concentrate in a mixer. Add Ice cubes and lemon slices to each of the glasses as desired. Divide the Blackcurrant limeade mixture into both the glasses. Top it up with Sparkling apple juice, garnish with Mint leaves and serve.

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  • Congratulations on the first post on the website It is beautiful ❤️

  • Gorgeous! You are an amazing photographer dear

  • The pics look awesome and that drink is just perfect to celebrate this new space of yours… The blog looks stunning dear

    • Thank you Anupa 🙂 Its an easy drink that can be jazzed v quickly.

  • This sounds delicious, and you have such beautiful pictures! I love looking for props, and I wish there were more Garage Sales in India 🙁

    • Thanks a bunch Richa 🙂 India is rich in its heritage with soo many choices… I love the props that are locally available.

      In general there is no concept of giving away things to a maid or to a neighbour if its not needed or not appropriate at home. COnveniently car boot sales is the best way to clear stuff. In that way its clutter free too.

  • What a beautiful post Sandhya. I love prop shopping too. It is so much fun – Sreelatha

  • This mocktail is so perfect! I feel like summer is here already 🙂

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