How to make Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee is steeping  ground coffee in cold water and straining with a gentler infusion process, producing a drink of lower acidity.

Coffee and Chocolates are the kick factors and my close companion ever since I have known my own self. Waking up to Amma’s ( fondly as I call my mum) filter coffee had been a must and a necessity until the day I left home to become Independent. My first IT job after I graduated immediately from Univeristy. Period!

Time passed and since we moved to the UK, the electric hob would take good 20 minutes to make a single cup of coffee in the morning. Waking up to an elaborate coffee affair was just not my thing that I gave it up one fine morning!! English Kettle Tea is my thing now and a taste that needs to be adapted. Dunking a digestive biscuit into the cup of steaming tea is just bliss.   Having said this, still, every vacation to India, I wake up to my mumma’s  freshly made filter coffee in a steel glass. Aroma is absolutely mesmerising.

Cold Brew Coffee

Sipping an Iced coffee at Cafe Coffee Day one a warm sunny day is one thing!! I am slowly getting transported to those carefree days. Phew !!  A couple of days ago, OXO wrote to me about the Cold Brew Coffee Maker and its was an instant Yes!! Obviously for all the nostalgia and my love affair.


Cold Brew Coffee


Cold Brewing the Coffee was a totally new concept as I have just known brewing them with boiling hot water that is just allowed to settle and added into the filter. So what’s cold brewing?

 Cold brewing works by steeping coarse coffee grounds in cold water for 12-24 hours before filtering, producing a coffee ‘concentrate’ that stays fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Just microwave or add hot water or milk, to your preference, when you fancy a brew. There’s no heating or electricity required, just time… and a little bit of patience. It’s a far gentler infusion process produces a drink of lower acidity, which is why cold brew coffee is naturally sweeter.

Cold Brew Coffee

Also, there is an elementary difference between Cold Brewed Coffee and Iced Coffee!! Did you know that?

Iced Coffee is generally brewed hot and poured over Ice and Cold-brewed Coffee is steeping  ground coffee in cold water and straining.Serve the latter over ice and enjoy!


 Makes 12-14 Servings | Brewing Time – 12-24hours | Time Taken – 5 Minutes

Cold Brewed Coffee


284g( Approx 3.5Cups) of Medium to Coarse Coffee Powder

5 Cups of Cold Water

Milk as needed

Agave Nectar as needed ( optional)

Sugar diluted in water ( optional)

Ice Cubes & Coffee Ice Cubes

1 tsp Extract ( Vanilla / Caramel)


How to Brew Coffee in OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

To make the Cold Brew Coffee, first assemble the Coffee Maker as per the instructions, which is a no-brainer. Add 284g of coarsely ground coffee to the Brewing container. Pour 5 Cups of water over Rainmaker in a circular motion, to ensure even distribution. If Coffee is freshly ground, allow coffee to finish blooming. Remove Rainmaker and gently stir the grounds. Brew for 12-24 hours.

Once Brewing is finished, slide the Glass Carafe underneath the stand.Press Brew Release Switch down to drain. Draining will take approx 20 min, but could vary based on ground size.Using 3.5 cups of Coffee and 5 cups of Water, one carafe of concentrate produces roughly 12- 14 beverages.

For making Cold Coffee, pour 60ml ( approx 1/4 cup) concentrate into the tall glass.Top it up with needed Milk, Vanilla extract and ice cubes. I have added 2 tsp’s of agave nectar as a sweetening agent. You could also add some sugar syrup as an alternative !!

How to make Coffee Ice Cubes?

It’s as simple as the name. Add the Cold Brew Coffee into the ice tray, freeze it and is ready to render the coffee kick.

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  • I used to love Indian cold coffee – it’s so much different than american ones. Is your version close to the Indian one?

    • This particular version is to some extent.. but it all depends on the kind of coffee granules you use. I am working on yet another coffee recipe.. and that’s yumm.stay tuned

  • wow.. going by the pics, the coffee surely would have tasted awesome…

  • looks amazing.. tempting shots

    • Thanks Veena.. u should try brewing sometime at home.. by conventional method’s if not OXO..

  • One of my favorite drink. Clicks look beautiful 🙂

  • I have never ever tried cold brewed coffee or cold brewed tea either but always hearing good things about it. Plus the OXO machine would make a great XMAS present for coffee drinkers.


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