Gin & Tonic in Pimm’s Style

Gin & Tonic

When the weather gets bright and sunny, make Gin & Tonic in Pimms Style, the British way!

We, people in Britain generally associate everything with Weather be it Food, Clothing, Outing, Chilling anything. Sometime last week, it almost felt like early spring and the weather demanded a Chilled quintessential drink where a bunch of us could just chill out under a Canopy, yapping for hours.

Beware its Picture Heavy Post !! Don’t blame me… I couldn’t stop snapping my camera.

Chopping Fruits for Gin & Tonic Cocktail (1 of 1)Pouring Gin into Gin & Tonic Cocktail (1 of 1)

When the temperature soars after 20 C here in Great Britain and if its Football/ Rugby season by any chance, you are sure to witness the colorful pitcher across every table. It’s a classic drink served across popular sporting venues too. The tagline ‘Pimm’s O’Clock’, very English was only spoken to British expats and the British Empire in early 20th Century, but today it’s a drink for people all around the globe implying lazy, happy days sitting in the sun with nothing to do and no need to worry about time.

gin & tonic (7 of 8) Gin & Tonic

But nothing of that sort happened being a mid-week day and I did not have any Pimm’s at home too. Gin & Tonic, the cliched combo in Pimm’s Style is what I made for the gorgeous weather.

Folks at Warner Edwards send me Elderflower Infused Gin that uses fresh, handpicked elderflower, and can therefore only be produced once a year. During peak elderflower season (late May to early June)  elderflower is handpicked from farms in England and Wales. The petals are separated and added to batches of our Harrington Dry Gin. 

This is a fabulous and subtle infusion which is good enough to drink neat, but also makes a wonderfully floral and delicate Gin&Tonic. 

To make my Gin & Tonic more delightful, OXO sent me X O Icecubes stackable tray. They add that extra fun element to cheer you all the more.

elderflower gin

Gin & Tonic

The previous night, when I was working on the imagery layouts, I was all set to adore the moody weather with the drink in a moody style. In the morning, the sun was shining hard, people undressed from one of their top layers while walking up to school and the beaming rays was beckoning the perfect mood to the Pitcher and glasses. Moody diagrams got the fresh look with the bright day!! See how the weather has an impact on your work.  Loved every bit of working on this delightful cocktail.

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My blogger friend Dolphia made a Key Lime Pie Martini. Its a unique combo of dessert and drink. How about giving it a try ?

Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic in Pimm’s Style

Gin & Tonic


50ml  Elderflower Gin
500ml Tonic water with Lemonade or as needed
100ml cranberry juice
1/4 cucumber sliced
1/2 lemon sliced
1/2 orange sliced
1 medium sized plum sliced
a handful of Mint leaves
Ice cubes as needed


Fill one-quarter of a large jug with ice cubes alternating with sliced fruits. Pour in Gin, Tonic Water and cranberry juice, and stir well. Serve in glasses or jar mugs.

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  • I’m waiting for a brighter sunshine as we are expecting an early spring here too. Loved these pictures Sandhya !

    • thanks Sujatha.. its back to square one here too.. I want more sunshine.

  • Loved the colors..

  • Oh the colors in your photographs , specially the first shot Spectacular Sandy!

  • Wow! Lucky you! We are still having snowfalls here — I so wish to have sunny days! But this gorgeous and thirst quenching drink would sure make my day! 🙂

    • Hey thanks Anu, but the weather is not that great again. Its not snowing but gloomy,rainy and chill. I hope u have a fab weather soon.

  • Where can I get the oxo ice cube trays please ☺

  • Can’t wait for the sun to come out to give this a whirl! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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