Tropical Smoothie Inspired by Key West #FLKEYS

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Tropical Smoothie

We have immediate family in the US and that is one of the earnest driving factors for us. But things never fell in place for a long long time, either the visa’s did not get approved for some silly reason ( The officer alone knows why) or the holidays never collided. Our kids are growing up, so we need to work on our holidays revolving around the school vacations. After every 6 weeks of schooling, we do have a week and 2.5 weeks off alternatively… This break is most sought after by parents here and I am no different. With regular intervals in our system, we often enjoy the routine very much and look forward to it. So our summer holidays are limited to 6 weeks in total which in opposed to anywhere in the world is quite different. My niece’s have a brief holiday period of 3 months from Mid-May to the end of July whilst in UK, it begins after the 20th of July to end of August. It’s just 10 days of overlapping period !!! For the rest of the 10 days, we have got my brother and family with their cute little daughter who has still to begin her schooling.

In the first 10 days lag, we have so much to visit and chill out with them – starting from Disney Florida, visit Niagara Falls, have a chill out with our eldest cousin family in Cincinnati which is customary affair for anyone visiting the States, our dream cruise trip that we have been planning to Miami, visit Florida Keys and what not!!!

I do my bit of groundwork before we actually visit any destination and here’s what I enumerate about KeyWest!

Tropical Smoothie

The Florida Keys is home to five districts, each with their own personality and attractions that make visitors feel like they are the world away. Key West is Florida’s subtropical paradise that’s an assemblage of culture, diversity, architecture and nature.

Bringing together a multitude of cultures that have made Key West home during its history, Key West’s food scene has delicious flavors, like African and Cuban, that are difficult to find anywhere else in the US.

Key West has so much to offer to make it a perfect destination for tourists and locals from Diving & Snorkelling, Boating, Dolphin encounters, water sports to Arts/ Culture, Shopping & Spa,Heath & Wellness. Sunset celebrations are held at the Mallory Square, where one could witness the fiery sun settling into the Gulf of Mexico. Watching the color translation is just magical and I can snap my camera a 100 times, seeing things transform.

Tropical Smoothie

With the magical view every evening, it’s more like a carnival when tightrope walkers, jugglers and animal acts perform. Drama, musicals and theatre flourish the local stages. Streets fill with Sidewalk cafes, open air bars and world class restaurants with their seafood specialities.

Key West has seafood unlike anywhere in the world and the crucial ingredient is the water. The Gulf of Mexico mixes with the Atlantic ocean making a perfect nursery for a plethora of fish, crab, and lobster. Not to mention, the fishermen of the region have come together to create a sustainable plan for the future of their industry, naturally controlling over-producing populations that threaten to take over the ecosystem.

“Not only are visitors able to jump on the boat for themselves and go fishing in some of the clearest waters, but they are able to sit back and relax, knowing they can find the same fresh fish in local restaurants,” says Paul Menta, professional chef & advocate.

The Stoned Crab restaurant, housed in a resort built in 1956 serves up some of the best of what KeyWest is known for – The freshest seafood right on the dock. The restaurant keeps alive the tradition of the fishermen bringing their catches straight to their dock.

Ibis Bay Resort, has a retro feel offering some fun cocktails and great seafood the restaurant catches themselves. Be ready for some good times ahead!

For the die-hard cooks, go for a ride on a private charter to catch the freshest fish for yourself. Lucky Fleet, chartered by Captain Moe with over 30 years of experience, takes you on this adventure and help guide you in hooking the best seasonable seafood. Whether you are an avid deep sea fisher or this is your first time, Captain Moe will take you on a great adventure not just a boat ride. From sailfish to tuna or grouper, they will lead you to the right spot.

To learn how to prepare the seafood you just caught, take a class at Isle Cook where Paul will teach you how to cook local recipes and healthy meals with seafood. “Being a chef and commercial fisherman I can tell you there is no better teacher of how to use, care for, store, cook and eat a product than a fisherman. They have ideas and techniques that most chefs would die for….but they have to ask… we spread the word to them,” says Paul.

Be sure to enjoy the Tropical Dishes, fun cocktails apart most sought after seafood !!!

African Cultural Heritage is celebrated in the historic churches, influenced from the Bahama’s. Annual Festivals along with customary primitive food is held every year in the Bahama Village neighbourhood and it is dated back to 1930’s  when Ernest Hemingway visited to see the Boxing Matches.

With so much to offer, Key West is a place recommended to visit, You are sure to lose yourself with the diversity and plenitude of things to do.It is a destination that beckons you to “come as you are”!

Whilst I let you discover more about Key West, here’s my recipe for a Tropical Smoothie.

Tropical Smoothie

Time Taken: 15 Min | Serves 3

Tropical Smoothie

1 Cup of Mango Chunks
1 Cup of Chopped Pineapple
1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract
1/2 Cup of Yogurt
1 Tblspn Honey
1/4- 1/2 Cup of Water as desired
Ice cubes as needed

In a blender pitcher, combine the ingredients and blend together until smooth.If the consistency is thick, add some water and blitz again. Serve the tropical smoothie right away in small milk bottles or in glasses as you enjoy.

My blogger buddy Sujatha made some Sunshine Smoothie  inspired by KeyWest too. If you are looking for more smoothie recipes, how about trying Blueberry Coconut milk Smoothie, Mixed Berries and Green Tea Detox Smoothie and Mango Lassi

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by  Florida Keys & Key West, but as always all opinion expressed here are my own.

Freelancer Food Photographer, Recipe Developer & Food Stylist

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  • tropical smoothie….now you got me into the thinking of vacation Sandy!
    Gorgeous clicks and those cute bottles makes the picture perfect

    • Hey thanks Jyothi… U should go for one sooon !! Vacation must be nearing soon…

  • I’m awestruck at tgese pics. And the golden smoothie looks gorgeous. Summer pls make it faster.

    • Thanks Sujatha. your sunshine drink is equally gorgeous and inviting the warm weather.

  • Tropical smoothie looks too gorgeous.Lovely stunning clicks.I live in Florida ,I guess I should plan a trip with family to the Key West.

    P.S do tell me when You will be here and we could meet 🙂

    • Oh really Sapna. I will keep it in mind whenever I visit Florida… Thank you.

  • That tropical smoothie… is totally <3!!!

  • What a gorgeous color p[palette you have chosen for the smoothie Sandhya. We had been to Florida last summer, and enjoyed the vacation. The smoothie sounds delicious.

    • Thank you Sreelatha. I was actually not sure if the pictures lived upto the mark. Experimented with a monotone combo. USa ( for that matter Florida is on our list..)

  • Such pretty looking smoothie lemee pin it first.
    Looks like in 2016 u have lot of vacations coming up.Enjoy 🙂
    Loved the write up.

  • Visiting U.S and U.K have been in my wish list for long . Your post has just tempted me more…yummy smoothie and gorgeous clicks !!!

  • Smoothie looks Awesome! beautiful clicks!

  • Awesome smoothie 🙂

  • Hey Sandhya, your US trips sounds so much fun! even we are planning to go there this August after 3 years of planning to see friends and family. Its such a busy life for everyone, gets so hard to take out time and coordinate with diff things to get everyone together.

    The smoothie looks great, very nice set up. I am fan of mango and pineapple combo but never make it at home. Hardly gets that kind of weather here, isnt it!

    It still feels weird to be back after this long break.. See you around 🙂


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