Disco Souping with OXO

Disco Souping with OXO
Well, how do you stop edible food going waste? The answer is Disco Soup !! We chopped and danced to the beats along with cooking some Soup under the guidance of Masterchef finalist Dean Edwards. Oh, what a souper fun evening it was Disco Souping with OXO !

Disco Souping with OXO

The venue for the event was Michel Roux Jr’s cookery school, Cactus Kitchens which also happens to be hosting the ever popular Saturday Kitchen. The event was aimed at encouraging ‘US’ to start souping up our unwanted veggies with its new flavour packed and easy to use OXO Stock Pots.

A staggering 4.2 million tonnes of food and drink is wasted in the UK each year which ends up in landfills. OXO, the nation’s favourite stock maker understands Britain’s food waste problems and is sending a message to use the edible just about to wilt veggies and make a delicious and nourishing soup for the family. Adding a touch of Music/ Disco is just the thing I would say!

Disco Souping with OXO

Disco Soup is a ‘welcome’ concept adapted from the States, rather crazy! Feasting to some live Music and turning edible waste into edible fuel. While Disco Souping was a fun feasting event, it also served to highlight the serious problem of food waste and to catalyse action by promoting delicious solutions to food waste. Certainly FOOD for Thought.

With DJ playing some of the finest popular songs, Cooking could never have been soo much exciting with all the beat… Dean guided us all throughout the session while making some French Onion Soup, followed by a Spicy Butternut Squash and a carrot and beetroot soup. He even gave us some easy tips of peeling the ginger with the spoon and not the knife to avoid further wastage. That’s the Masterchef tip !

Disco Souping with OXO

The recipes were from The OXO Cookbook and it was absolutely easy to follow to T!
All extra soup that we cooked up in the evening went to a charity called The West Indian Association Of Service Personnel (WASP). It was extremely thoughtful gesture and living up to the purpose of not wasting any edible food.
According to Dean “The key to making good soup is having confidence to just give it go and not be afraid to try out different flavours and ingredients”. I am so glad to have learnt my two cents from the event. Making a soup was always a worry that I could never get creative with them. The thoughtful goodie bag with the OXO cookbook is going to be my saviour, whenever I run out of ideas!

When Life gives you Left Over’s make some Soup!!

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