Product Review: Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L500 #experiencefresh

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Make it Fresh or Frozen with Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L500 #experiencefresh.  Along with making Fresh Juices from fruits and vegetables, you may get creative making a refreshing Sorbet too.

Let me introduce to you a little bit of magic in my culinary corner – Panasonic Slow Juicer  MJ-L500. Folks at Panasonic sent the Juicer across, just before our Easter break. With all the excitement of our upcoming holidays, the package was carefully stacked in my little studio. Not until early this week that I realised what I had missed for the last few weeks !!

Panasonic Slow JUicer

After carefully assembling the elegant juicer machine in 5 minutes, I have made Fresh Juice of every single fruit that  was lying in our fruit basket. The Juice naturally had more body and required no straining. There is a huge difference in the juice texture when made in our regular blender and slow Juicer. I am not saying this to promote a brand, but it is because we felt the difference.

We have been juicing on and off for a very long time, ever since I have realised, I must say ! To be frank, occasionally  we do love to enjoy the bliss of nutrients and fruit boost in a Jar. There are many days when as a mother I am lazy to stress the importance of enjoying the fruits to my kiddos. At that moment, a glass of freshly made juice says it all . It often boosts our energy with that one refreshing glass of goodness. Citrus Juices have been often made, whilst others did make a grand entry occasionally.

We spotted a huge difference in flavour/taste in Grape Juice & Apple Juice instantly. 100% Naturally Delicious !  Grape Juice made in a blender is slightly thin and requires filtering . In a Slow Juicer, just feed the fruits ,could collect the juice straight into the glass from the Juice Pout while the pulp is extracted until it is a dry mass in the Pulp Pout. Simple as it sounds.

Panasonic Slow Juicer

A few basic tips to remember – Peel the thick fruits/ vegetables and remove the seeds/ stones from them. On the fruits with thinner skin, leave them on like Lemon & Apples. Just chop them small enough to pass through the feeding tube. Trim the ends of the vegetables before passing them through the feeding tube.

When using ingredients with less moisture, add  an equivalent amount of water/milk a little by little.

As soon as juicing from the fruits/ vegetables are done, a quick rinse under the tap water is enough to do the needful. Since the vegetables / fruits are not fat, slow juicer can be cleaned easily.

To get the best out of juicing, you want to extract as much of the juice, vitamins and nutrients as you can from your fruits and vegetables. Ideally, anyone would love to juice quickly and evenly !!  This Slow Juicer did the needful for the countless juicing experiments I did.

Apart from juicing, this Slow Juicer works fab with Iced Desserts like Sorbets, “ice creams”, as well as creamy, tasty desserts. To be really frank, I did not have soo much expectation from this super sleek machine. I am sure to have a lot of fun with my new gadget.

So, what is so great about a Slow Juicer? 

Slow Juicer makes use of low rotational speed, not only to press but also to separate the juice from the pulp which guarantees the best taste and preserves more of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes. They can be used for soft and hard fruits/vegetables, separating the juice from the pulp so it is extremely easy to make juice out of Grapes or Carrots.

Many electric juicers are high speed, which creates heat that can damage the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the ingredients.

Panasonic Slow Juicer


About Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L500

  • Fresh, Healthy Juices along with Frozen Desserts can be made.
  • Powerful slow juicer preserves nutrients from fruits and vegetables.Easily processes fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts, and soy to make a variety of juices, milks, sauces & marinades
  • Slow compression prevents juice discoloration, separation and while maintaining flavor and vitamins
  • Quiet operation, high-efficiency 290W, 65 rpm low-speed motor
  • Stainless-steel auger squeezes and extracts a high volume of juice
  • Juicer has got one cap for the Juice Pout, which is very handy, while the outlet from the pulp pout falls straight into the collector.
  • Small Size of the Juicer would need very little space to accommodate on a counter top
  • Do not use continuously for more than 15 minutes in a go, as the motor can heat up.

Stay tuned to this space when I bring to you my Juicing and Icing Experiments with my new Slow Juicer. Let your imagination run wild and shape your healthy Diet !!

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