Chocolate Fridge Cake | No Bake Eggless Cake

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Chocolate Fridge Cake

Chocolate Fridge Cake is a No Bake Eggless Cake with loaded indulgence – Chocolates, Easter chocolate eggs, Digestives, Caramel Condensed Milk & Maltesers. Isn’t its deliciousness overloaded? It’s a kid’s friendly recipe. Make sure to get help from the little helpers at home.

Did I tell you we went on an Easter Egg Hunt whilst holidaying in Paris? In our 3 days agenda, day 1 went uber exhaustive visiting all the possible lands in Disneyland. Day 2 was reserved for a meet and greet the princesses and a few other characters apart from some crazy fun rides that were meant for older kids…

The boys – Dad & Son were being just so considerate for the littlest princess at home and decided to queue up to get an appointment ticket to see the Princesses in Disneyland. Whilst missy and I were fast snoring to glory…  They boys reached sharply at 10 and found themselves among 100 others standing ahead of them, Isn’t it Maddening? They waited for another 40 minutes.. and still it looked next to impossible to get a ticket. Finally, the Dad rung up asking is it really important to have personal appointment with the ‘Dressed Princesses’?? We asked them to leave the queue and enjoy the other crazy rides that we could not do with little missy.

Chocolate Fridge Cake

Parallely, missy and I got ready and were enjoying a lavish breakfast lazily. A few moments later, one of the hotel employees handed over a pamphlet about the Easter Egg Hunt for smaller children.  I was equally excited as the little girl and was so keen to know how it really happens. It was my first one too.

The weather was chilly outside and we were not clouded with our jackets, still the excitement within us was a way to high to ignore any shivering or chillness. As we walked through the maze we found some mini eggs wrapped up in colored papers. She was so excited to pick them up delicately. And  we found a few more that she could barely hold them all in her little hands. She moved her locks and then looked at me, trying to indicate that she can’t contain them all in her palm.  It was soo cute !!  I dug into the bag that was hanging on my bag and found a half torn plastic bag. .. ( It was meant to go into the bin) Sometimes  the mess comes handy right in time… A little knot on the bag and she held them on her wrist and collected all kinds of chocolate Easter eggs… from really large to mini.. I carried her to pick some over the bushes.. and some through the tall bushes.

Chocolate Fridge Cake

Did I tell you – She hates to walk on the grass/ meadows .. but She didn’t mind that day !!!

Oh, what fun !! We collected 23 eggs in total ..  and most of them travelled back to London safely!  We overloaded ourselves with treats throughout the trip that these delectable easter eggs had to shelve away for a week. So what do you do with the leftover Easter Eggs?

Chocolate Fridge Cake Ingredients

A milkshake, brownie, cookie, cake ? Racked my head and together we made a No-bake Chocolate Fridge Cake. With a little shopping list in hand, as a Holiday exercise, we went handpicking to Aldi Super grocery. It is a fantastic activity and a cake that be made with children. Get them to break the digestives into pieces or roll them on with a rolling pin.. Mix all the treaty ingredients and a twist of nuts if you like and  allow them to set them in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours…

I often enjoy sharing these treaties with friends and family… Got some fab reviews back and a recipe in demand.

Chocolate Fridge Cake

Chocolate Fridge Cake

Prep Time Taken: 10 Minutes |Total Time Taken: 2.5 hours

Chocolate Fridge Cake

220g Digestive biscuits
200g Caramel Condensed Milk
200g Milk chocolate
200g Mini Easter eggs
100g Unsalted butter
40g Maltesers

100 g for Milk chocolate  for covering
40g Maltesers for decoration


Line a baking pan with parchment paper .

Melt the Milk Chocolate and butter in a pan simmering over another pan of hot water. ( Double boiler method). Once melted, stir the condensed milk and mix well.
Meanwhile get help from the kiddos in roughly breaking the digestive biscuits  & chocolate easter eggs into small odd sizes. Do not crush it in to a powder.
Stir the chocolate mixture onto the digestives mixture and stir well until well coated. Add the Maltesers and stir well again.
Spoon the mixture into the lined baking pan.
Now melt the reserved chocolate for coating and cover them. Decorate them with the reserved maltesers and place it in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours. I let the Chocolate Fridge Cake set for about 4 hours plus before we actually delved into them.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but as always all opinions are my own.

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  • This is a fabulous cake Sandhya. Eager eggs and goodies well used here 🙂

    • Thanks Sonal.. all the lovely goodies you can think off can go into this.

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  • This is a super fun and easy recipe Sandhya. I am bookmarking this for our summer break to make with my Sonshine. Glad that you had fun with you little one- Sreelatha


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